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The psychologists who sit between you and your dream job on Wall Street

Hey there! Dan DeFrancesco in NYC. I know we are getting close to beach season, but I’m not sure shelling out $14,000 on fake ab surgery is money well spent. Take a look at the pics, and you be the judge.

Today, we’ve got stories on the most promising AI startups, a fintech using AI to help lenders work with the underbanked, and some food to improve your lifespan.  

But first, tell me a bit about yourself.

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1. Wall Street’s toughest critics.

So you want to be a top executive on Wall Street?

Forget about the connections accumulated over the years or your history of driving returns. All of that might not matter down the stretch. 

Nabbing your dream job might just amount to getting approved by a handful of psychologists and business strategists.

Meet ghSmart, a company you’ve likely never heard of. It plays a key role in the hiring process of top companies, including Citadel and Blackstone. GhSmart assesses job candidates with a five-hour psychological interview that typically proves pivotal in firms’ hiring decisions.  

Insider’s Emmalyse Brownstein and Alex Morrell have a fascinating look inside ghSmart’s interview process, along with a candid interview with its founder, Geoff Smart, that’s worth a read. 

There’s no shortage of psychological testing that occurs across Wall Street. (You can even take some online, but be warned: You might not like the results.) What makes ghSmart so different is the company makes a definitive statement on whether the candidate should or shouldn’t be considered for the role. 

Its services don’t come cheap — they start at $25,000 per assessment — so it’s not likely you’ll directly run into them until you get into the more senior ranks. But the firm does plenty of advisory work for its clients as well, so it wouldn’t be surprising if some of these tactics ended up bleeding into how firms hire at the more junior level. 

Click here to read more about ghSmart, the leadership advisory firm that plays a key role in Wall Street’s hiring process.

In other news:

Ambus Hunter

Ambus Hunter

2. A startup helping lenders rethink who they can work with. Stratyfy uses AI to help lenders better assess potential borrowers, and potentially suss out where their process might have bias. Check out the pitch deck it just used to raise $10 million. We’ve also got more than 50 pitch decks fintechs have used to raise millions from top investors. Here’s our full library.

3. Generative AI startups on the rise. We canvassed venture investors to get a sense of the companies to watch in the hottest industry going these days: artificial intelligence. These are the 44 startups they suggested.

4. Welcome to FTX and Alameda Research, where the accounting is made up and the money doesn’t matterA new report filed by FTX debtors in bankruptcy court alleged that Sam Bankman-Fried joked about losing track of assets worth millions of dollars. “We sometimes find $50m of assets lying around that we lost track of; such is life,” the founder of the bankrupt crypto exchange reportedly said in internal communications cited in the report. Read more here.

5. PE firms big bet on food companies isn’t paying off. Private-equity firms bought up the companies behind some of your favorite brands of food, but rising interest rates have ruined those investments, The Wall Street Journal reports. More on the role PE is playing in your growing grocery bill.

6. From a gambling addiction that nearly made him broke to a $600,000 net worth. Ambus Hunter details how he kicked the habit and built back up his savings. Here’s how he did it.

7. How long can you stay on your parent’s phone plan? A new study indicates Boomers and Gen Z are at odds — shocker — over what age people should start paying their own bills. Where do you stand on the debate?

8. Buying a home here might not be the investment you were hoping for. If you’re hoping the value of your home will grow with you, you’d best steer clear of these cities. These are the 15 US markets with the worst return on investment for homeowners.

9. Don’t be THAT customer at Trader Joe’s. Current and former Trader Joe’s employees detailed all the customer habits that drive them up a wall. (Don’t even think about touching those bells, buddy.) Follow these 10 tips on your next trip to the store.

10. Do you really want to live forever? Just because you don’t have billions of dollars in your bank account doesn’t mean you can’t try and expand your lifespan. Here’s a list of food, drinks, and spices that experts say can help you see a few more birthdays.

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