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A Russian war fanatic was planning to buy military drones, hackers said. They made him buy $25,000 worth of sex toys instead.

A composite image showing a Russian drone above Kyiv, Ukraine, in October 2022 and a dildo.A composite image showing a Russian drone above Kyiv, Ukraine, in October 2022 and a dildo.

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  • Hackers said they bought sex toys with money a Russian war supporter was going to spend on drones.
  • They said they hacked Mikhail Luchin’s AliExpress and spent $25,000. He says he got most of it back.
  • Luchin is a “war criminal, volunteer, blogger and now dildo owner,” the group said.

A group of Ukrainians said they hacked the account of a Russian war supporter who was planning to buy drones for the fight in Ukraine, and got him to buy sex toys instead.

The Cyber Resistance group said on Telegram on Monday that it hacked Mikhail Luchin’s AliExpress account, and used it to buy $25,000 worth of sex toys.

It said the money was going to be spent on drones for the Russian army, according to Politico’s translation.

“Now instead of drones, he will have to send trucks full of vibrators, strapons, and other very valuable things for the Russian people,” the group said.

Cyber Resistance described Luchin as a war criminal and a friend of the Russian military blogger who died in a cafe explosion in St Petersburg on Sunday.

“He is a war criminal, volunteer, blogger and now dildo owner,” they wrote.

The group shared screenshots that appeared to show Luchin’s AliExpress purchases, which included pictures of multiple types of dildos.

Luchin, whose Telegram account says he’s been fighting in Ukraine, posted a message on the platform on Monday saying that his AliExpress account was hacked, and that some money was spent on sex toys.

But he said that he got most of the money back, except for around $211, which was for sex toys that had already been delivered.

Cyber Resistance disputed that he got the money back, but thanked him for confirming their operation.

Luchin also said in a post that he will open a sex shop, make a 300% profit, and buy three times more drones.

In earlier posts, Luchin said he bought kamikaze drones.

Ukrainian hackers and hackers from other countries have helped Ukraine since Russia’s invasion in February 2022.

Last year, Ukraine actively called on hackers to help it, with a top Ukrainian cybersecurity official telling The Wall Street Journal in March 2022 that the “IT Army” it built had upwards of 400,000 members.

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