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Former Arkansas governor: Trump’s speech not what voters want

(NewsNation) — Former President Donald Trump kicked off his 2024 presidential campaign Saturday in a speech focused on his fight against a potential indictment he labeled “prosecutorial misconduct.”

Former Arkansas governor and potential 2024 candidate Asa Hutchinson joined “NewsNation Prime” with insights into how Trump’s speech will impact his support.

“It’s really expressing grievance after grievance after grievance. And of course, I think 2024 ought to be about the future and how we’re going to address our border security, our national security challenges that we see from Russia to China,” said Hutchinson.

“These are the issues that people are talking about and concerned about, with inflation hitting our families, with interest rates. And here you’ve got President Trump going through all of how he’s been mistreated.”

The rally was Trump’s first time speaking publicly after posting a week ago that he was going to be arrested this week. No arrest has come down yet with the grand jury postponing testimony indefinitely.

“It’s about the future. It’s about ideas and problem-solving, and fresh candidates that are looking at the future of our country,” Hutchinson said of the rally speech.

Hutchinson is a potential Republican opponent for the 2024 presidential race. He told NewsNation he will be making a decision about running in April.

“I am considering it. Absolutely,” Hutchinson said. “Stay tuned.”

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