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This Wisconsin judicial election could decide the next US president | Andy Wong

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Democrats must throw everything they have into this race – and not neglect potentially pivotal voters of color

The Wisconsin supreme court election – which has been described as the most important election this year – takes place on 4 April, in less than three weeks, and is already the most expensive of its kind in US history. In this race, voters of color will once again be the key to electing a candidate who can safeguard our democracy.

The question of whether Trump or another Republican election-denier will have a second chance to try to disrupt a democratically decided election – and this time perhaps succeed – could be determined by this one judicial election in the mid-west. Recognizing what is at stake, both sides have spent a staggering $27m so far on this race.

The election will likely be tight and every vote will count. Wisconsin is majority white, at around 80%, but the state is also at least 20% people of color, according to Census data. If Democrats fail to prioritize investing in mobilizing voters of color and inspiring them to turn out to vote, they may lose.

Andy Wong is president of PowerPAC, a nonprofit advocacy and political organization dedicated to building political power within communities of color and supporting progressive candidates of color

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