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Royal correspondent Jennie Bond, who has covered some of the most dramatic years of the monarchy, discusses whether The Crown is an accurate depiction of palace life

On Sunday, the culture secretary said he planned to write to Netflix and ask that a “health warning” be played before The Crown – an historical drama depicting life inside the palace – so viewers would be aware the show was a work of fiction. Oliver Dowden worried that viewers would not be able to distinguish fiction from fact. His intervention followed complaints that the fourth series of the drama had abused its artistic licence and fabricated events.

The broadcaster Jennie Bond has reported on the royals for more 30 years. She talks to Anushka Asthana about the accuracy of The Crown, and discusses her interactions with the Queen, her close relationship with Diana, Princess of Wales, and why she feels the portrayal of Charles is perhaps the least realistic. “He comes over as a bit more of a wimp than the Charles I know,” Bond says.

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