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Snack wraps are coming back — just not to McDonald’s

New wendys itemsWendy’s spring menu, including a new Grilled Chicken Ranch Wrap


  • Wendy’s announced a new grilled chicken ranch wrap this week.
  • ‘There are many who’ve tried to master the grilled chicken wrap,’ a Wendy’s executive said.
  • The new wrap launches alongside a salad and pomegranate lemonade March 28. 

McDonald’s customers have long mourned the loss of the fast-food giant’s beloved snack wraps. But after seven years, a grilled chicken ranch wrap is coming back — just not to McDonald’s. 

Wendy’s plans to sell a grilled chicken ranch wrap at stores, the company announced this week. The wrap appears to closely mimic McDonald’s iconic snack wrap, which came in several varieties, including a ranch flavor. The menu item was discontinued by McDonald’s in 2016, according to

Wendy’s new wrap will launch nationwide alongside a new grilled chicken salad, and pomegranate flavored lemonade on March 28. 

In a press release Thursday, Wendy’s indicated that its version of a chicken and ranch wrap will surpass any prior attempts made by competing chains — presumably including the snack wrap.  

“It’s no secret that at Wendy’s, we know Ranch,” said John Li, Wendy’s vice president of culinary innovation.

Additionally, Wendy’s new wrap appears to cater more toward customers looking for a full meal, compared to prior attempts which sat squarely in the snack category. Priced at $6.29, according to CNN, the wrap will fill a spot on Wendy’s entree menu. 

“We are always listening to our fans and introducing exciting new menu items to give them exactly what they are craving,” said chief marketing officer Carl Loredo. 

On Twitter, fast-food fans seemed to welcome Wendy’s new wrap — and some wrote that it would put McDonald’s squarely behind its competitor. 

“@Wendys coming out with a Chicken ranch wrap is exactly what I wanted in 2023,” one user wrote. “We are cancelling McDonald’s. They had their chance.”

—Eddie (@EJMillz) March 24, 2023


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