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‘Slap Fighting’ UFC’s new official sport that’s turning heads

(NewsNation) — The Power Slap League is America’s newest official sport. It involves two people standing facing each other, taking turns slapping each other as hard as possible.

“For me, it’s like two gladiators going at it in a modern day gladiator setting, it rises something up, the animal inside me. It’s just a great outlet,” said Ryan Phillips of the Power Slap League.

Phillips joined “NewsNation Prime” along with former slap fighter Kortney Olson, to discuss the growing popularity of the sport.

“We haven’t had any very serious injuries. But you know, the rules, the safety aspects are our number one priority from the UFC and Dana White himself (UFC President). So it’s getting better. And really, for me, as an athlete, I feel safest of all,” said Phillips.

Olson however, chose not to move forward in the sport. While competing, she was struck in the neck causing a massive lump that prevented her from swallowing for a week.

“It was after watching so many people get knocked out and then seeing where I was struck, that’s when it became problematic for me,” Olson told NewsNation. “It’s everybody’s personal choice. And I just hope everybody stay safe because that was my biggest concern was not seeing the rules enforced. It was super disappointing.”

Watch their conversation on “NewsNation Prime” in the video player above.

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