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Shaping Victory Out of Ruins: The Story of Ukraine’s Future (Part 2)

accounted for a single quarter (24.7 p.c) of the European Union’s GDP in 2021. We need to
observe that Germany was nearly ruined just after Entire world War II. The exact can be mentioned to
In section 2, we seem at instruction, financial state, technological know-how and ecology, as perfectly as concluding thoughts on the ailments for achievement

Examine section 1 here.


Ukraine has a rich tapestry of high-good quality training. At any time since Yaroslav the Clever, by means of the Ostroh and Kyiv Mohyla Academy, and Kharkiv and Kyiv Universities, Ukraine has been a resource of know-how, culture, and discovery for the total European continent. Inspite of many setbacks, brought to us by our Soviet earlier, we have to acknowledge that it has also offered an outstanding mathematical and good scientific foundation. Discarding any of this heritage would be unwise.

Having inherited the Soviet model, we will have to further more Westernize our academic procedure, bringing additional creativeness, job participate in, negotiation, pitching, cultural exchanges, and international competitions in all possible fields. Ukraine will have to contend with leading global establishments to avoid and reverse the ongoing mind drain.

The top quality of education and learning will have to begin in colleges, with a really serious emphasis on languages, hard sciences & IT literacy. 

I was fortunate to study in one of the finest universities in my property town, and whilst I observed the level of instruction amazingly significant, I even now should confess that handful of people today could converse the selected overseas language fluently by the time of graduation, indicating each the lower incentivization of instructors as perfectly as an all round lack of students’ understanding of the have to have in the 1st location.

If we want to go on making robust connections among Ukraine and other states, we will have to make guaranteed our people today are not only outfitted to be competitive in the globe occupation marketplace but have apparent routes to worldwide cooperation by means of the agreements and joint business ventures which our policymakers and businesspeople will have to establish.

While the Russian language and literature are now a strongly disputed topic, I see no cause to clear away them from the curricula altogether. Each these subjects ought to stay as an elective on par with Spanish, French, German, Chinese, or Arabic, when having Ukrainian and English languages as obligatory. Banning any language or society will get us nowhere. This will only avert our integration into the tolerant and democratic European local community of states and antagonize thousands and thousands of Russian-talking Ukrainians in the south and east.

Furthermore, know-how of the Russian language and tradition will demonstrate priceless for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the country’s intelligence businesses.


Restoration of the financial system is, likely, the most critical factor to be certain a affluent and harmless long term for the Ukrainian people today. While adhering to the Capitalist product, the capacities and infrastructure that Ukraine possessed will have to be renewed, like various industrial facilities, ports, space, and aviation industries. Anything at all that is not objectively feasible any longer, should be repurposed to assure the greatest utility of several sectors.

Ukraine has usually been a mineral-wealthy nation, as perfectly as the breadbasket for the environment. This does not have to improve. In contrast to Russia and most useful resource major states, Ukraine is a capitalist democratic country, which helps make undertaking business so substantially easier and a lot more preferable for international companions. On the other hand, if Ukraine is to climb to the following stage, it will have to build a considerably extra value-added economic system, not simply just giving very low margin raw products, but generating the merchandise that can be transported around the world, generating the country a top rated manufacturer of vital international financial system parts.

For instance – Ukraine was developing 90 % of the semiconductor-quality neon applied by the U.S., as nicely as 35 percent of its palladium. Rather of producing uncooked products, Ukraine ought to operate to use its sources to generate completed items. 

Technological know-how will have to participate in a substantial portion in the rebuilding of Ukraine’s economy. If Ukraine is to compete in agriculture in the 21st century and be irreplaceable for various starvation-struck international locations, it will have to put into action or invent systems which would let it to drastically improve the sum of manufactured food stuff. We are chatting about possessing Ukraine’s one of a kind soil as a base and incorporating breakthrough technologies, like genetic engineering, nanotechnology, vertical farming, photo voltaic power, AI, blockchain and others.

Just like agriculture, source extraction ought to be finished in a smart way, if we do not want to continue to be an at any time-building materials’ supplier. The U.S. is a single of the world’s biggest suppliers of shell gasoline. However, we do not think of the U.S. as the world’s petrol station. That is because extraction constitutes just a portion of nationwide stability and economic independence. This is how Ukraine ought to search at it.

The point out should not create its economic climate about coal and oil, like Russia – it should really develop the energy sector to an extent when there can be no external dependency on unfriendly gamers.

Ukraine will have to work on a wholesome strategy to make certain its complete vitality independence, as properly as, preferably, a supply for revenue making export. It will have to devote and renovate oil and fuel extraction industries – almost certainly by way of Russian reparations.

We will have to hire contemporary systems, like AI and drones, to guarantee the quickest feasible discovery and extraction, redesign and guard our nuclear amenities to an extent when they could offer the full of Europe with electrical power, as a result appreciably minimizing our crucial allies’ dependence on Russia.

Technological know-how

Ukraine will have to grow to be a technologies hub for the globe. By tech hub I necessarily mean not just an outsourcing current market, but a comprehensive-fledged participant in the technology area. This will have to be attained by the mixture of community experience and proper collaboration with our a lot more technologically sophisticated Western associates. All Democratic camps would be intrigued in looking at Ukraine be successful on par with Poland as a major financial hub of Eastern Europe. This will stop mass migration to the West and produce a potent front from financial turbulence to the east of our borders, which will undoubtedly comply with and will be challenging to include. 

Currently today, a enormous chunk of the world’s leading CEOs, founders and builders are emanating from Ukraine. In many cases, they are unwilling to associate by themselves with the region and register corporations as effectively as identify their HQs in other places. This must be reversed. If Ukraine is to endure and compete on the planet stage, it will have to make by itself so appealing to business owners, that no 1 would have a explanation to go away. Ukraine will have to revamp registration, federal government support, tax incentives and R&D funding to an extent the place Ukrainian business people commence relocating their workplaces back to Ukraine, whilst international investors and founders start off transferring to Ukraine to consider gain of the community sector.


The harm brought on to our ecology by Russian aggression is now currently being evaluated in billions of pounds. It should be noted, having said that, that the ecocide of Ukraine did not start with Russia – not directly in any situation. Corrupt Ukrainian politicians and nearby authorities have been undermining the forestry and countrywide reserves cash for a long time, enriching on their own at the expense of our collective foreseeable future.

The significance of superior ecology and clean air cannot be overestimated when evaluating the country’s attractiveness for lifestyle. Krakow is just one of the most beautiful cities in the environment, even so, I experienced to depart it as I produced bronchial asthma in two winters due to a toxic air (smog), manufactured due to the fact of indiscriminate utilization of low cost coal and even trash to heat the city in winter season. 

Kyiv’s air high quality is continuously being rated as one of the worst in the world. The similar can be explained about Donbas or Kryvyi Rih, wherever heavy marketplace has been acquiring with out checks or safety precautions. The Carpathian forests have been methodically slash to offer inexpensive timber for the global conglomerates, like IKEA.

The USSR-enabled Chornobyl catastrophe brought about irreparable harm to Ukraine’s northern ecosystem. Though Russia will have to be held accountable for thieving our grain, environment our forests and cities on hearth, and killing our sea and river ecosystems with their mines and bombs, we will have to critically re-evaluate our very own tactic to the setting. No economic development makes any perception if there are no people willing to dwell exactly where this progress is using location.

There are numerous other factors that would have to be investigated as quickly as feasible prior to the start off of the Restoration Task. Even so, I imagine, the foundation and way has been outlined to an ample diploma.


Perhaps counterintuitively, in purchase to see the potential of Ukraine, I advise that the reader seems at Russia. The greatest country in the world with some of the most important sources – a country that could produce Tolstoy, Mendeleev, and Tchaikovsky – Russia has all the possible to turn into a electricity equal to the U.S. or China. Almost nothing was holding it back apart from the mentality of its individuals.

Rather of investing in their human funds and producing the vastness of their lands, Russians have regularly decided on to conquer at any time additional land, demolish ever far more nations and worship any new egotistical paranoid maniac that has appeared on the horizon, be it Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, or Vladimir Putin. When possessing 11 % of the world’s lands, the overall economy of Russia currently constitutes 1 % of the world’s GDP. The economic and demographic stagnation of this nation are unable to be overstated.

Very similar to Russia, Ukraine is a massive region with huge human opportunity and unrestricted pure methods. Currently being 28 occasions lesser than Russia, our financial state at the time of the Russian 2022 invasion was 10 moments smaller sized than the Russian just one. This constitutes 3X economic efficiency in excess of our bloodthirsty neighbor. And however, this is a horrible and unworthy end result for the prospective Ukraine possesses. This sort of small financial advancement owes alone purely to the never-ending affect of the putrid Russian mentality more than the Ukrainian soul.

Any brilliance, difficult get the job done and ingenuity of our nation has generally been stifled by the Russian claws of post-Soviet impact. If Russia experienced not unleashed this war on us, there is no promise we would have been ready to distance ourselves from the “Russian world” to the diploma which would eventually let our economic system to start off producing at the European velocity.

Unknowingly, via its miscalculation of our mentality and character, Russia has given us a opportunity we could have otherwise never experienced. Each youngster killed, every single woman raped and tortured, just about every ruined faculty and searching mall, every single launched rocket, has been making the abyss concerning our fates broader and further.

At the time we are performed with any residue of Russian impact in Ukraine, we can go to making use of our methods effectively. The German overall economy is the fourth largest in the planet and accounted for a single quarter (24.7 percent) of the European Union’s GDP in 2021. We should really note that Germany was virtually ruined immediately after Entire world War II. The exact can be reported to a lesser degree about Japan.

There is not a solitary purpose why Ukraine really should not be in a position to match the German or Japanese miracles. Ukraine has all essential sources, mentality (not like Russia), and resolve to swiftly come to be just one of the prime ten economies in the entire world.

The creation of an economically prosperous, secure, and promptly creating society – globally sought soon after as a spot to reside and carry up our children – now this is what we will contact a serious victory.

Kate Levchuk was born and lifted in Odesa. A Futurist with a background in International Relations, Geopolitics and Venture Funds, she is a frequent visitor lecturer advocating for science and progress. Kate life in London.

The views expressed are the author’s and not automatically of Kyiv Submit.

lesser degree about Japan.
There is not a one reason why Ukraine ought to not be capable to match the German or
Japanese miracles. Ukraine has all important methods, mentality (in contrast to Russia), and
dedication to quickly turn out to be one particular of the prime 10 economies in the world.
The generation of an economically affluent, risk-free, and swiftly establishing culture – globally
sought following as a place to live and provide up our children – now this is what we will call a actual
Kate Levchuk was born and lifted in Odesa. A Futurist with a background in
Intercontinental Relations, Geopolitics and Venture Capital, she is a regular guest
lecturer advocating for science and development. Kate life in London.
The sights expressed are the author’s and not essentially of Kyiv Article.


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