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Selected Headlines Audio Review – 2:30 PM, January 13, 2021

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‘He must go,’ Pelosi says as U.S. House nears impeaching Trump

Europe: Italy’s government in crisis as Renzi ministers resign

NYT > World > Europe: Another French Intellectual Falls After Comments on Abuse Accusations

US Covid-19 deaths hit daily record as China rushes to contain outbreaks – The New Indian Express

Documentary finds contemporary echoes in FBI’s persecution of Martin Luther King Jr. – Washington Post

House Democrats Raise Questions On Whether Capitol Rioters Had ‘Inside Assistance’ | MSNBC

McConnell won’t have an early Senate trial

Joint Chiefs of Staff remind us of our duty to defend the Constitution (and what that means) – We Are The Mighty

20,000 National Guard troops expected in Washington for Biden’s inauguration – CNN

Pelosi calls Trump ‘clear and present danger’

Donald Trump’s Twitter ban is ‘problematic,’ says Angela Merkel – Euronews

Covid-19: Angela Merkel reportedly cites Ireland in warning to party – The Irish Times

Covid Germany: Angela Merkel says ‘BRITISH virus’ must be stopped – Daily Mail

CDU to pick new leader in key vote for Merkel succession ahead of German polls – The New Indian Express

CDU leadership vote: German party eyes post-Merkel future – Al Jazeera English

The Vote to Replace Merkel as CDU Chair Will Decide the Future of Conservatism in Germany – Foreign Policy

Who will fill Europe’s post-Merkel vacuum?

German CDU on verge of electing divisive figure to replace Angela Merkel – The Guardian

German prosecutor closes bribery investigation into Submarine Affair

Pelosi brands Trump ‘clear and present danger,’ says ‘he must go’ | AFP


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