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Have a question about what Mayorkas is doing at the border?

WASHINGTON (NewsNation) — U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has faced multiple rounds of questioning in Washington, D.C. for matters related to the southern border.

Republicans have been highly critical of Mayorkas, including some who filed articles of impeachment as a surge of illegal border crossings has coincided with secretary’s time in office.

After Mayorkas took over DHS in February 2021, the number of migrant encounters along the southwest border rose to record highs of more than 250,000 in December alone, although that number fell almost 40% in recent months.

It’s a trend Mayorkas has pointed to as a sign President Joe Biden’s recently enacted enforcement measures have been effective.

But beyond the political back-and-forth, what is the federal government actually doing at the border — and how could Mayorkas address the crisis? NewsNation’s Joe Khalil will be answering your questions Thursday at 4p/3C. You can watch in this post or submit a question below.

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