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Online Yiddish theater workshop and Yiddish courses at a low price


An online Yiddish theater workshop, as well as Yiddish courses on all levels, is starting on the week of January 15, sponsored by the venerable Toronto UJA Committee for Yiddish. Each course is $160.

In the Yiddish theater workshop, which will run on Tuesday evenings from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm EST, students will act out the roles of the Yiddish translation of Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman”. A production of the play, translated years before by the late Yiddish actors Joseph Bulov and Luba Kadison, was sponsored by the New Yiddish Rep in New York City in 2015 to high acclaim, with Avi Hoffman playing the lead role, Willie Loman. Scripts in the workshop will be available in both transliteration and in Yiddish, and no previous Yiddish or performance experience is required. The workshop will be facilitated by award-winning performer, director, and playwright, David Gale.

The Committee for Yiddish is also running Yiddish language courses for beginners on three levels: A beginners class for people who have no Yiddish knowledge; Beginner-Plus for those who want to develop basic conversational skills, grammar and facility with the alef-beys, and an intermediate class. All courses will be taught by Ruth Gerlock.

There will also be an advanced Yiddish language course, conducted entirely in Yiddish, focused on advanced reading, writing, grammar, and conversation. The foundation of the course will be reading and discussing short stories by a selection of Israeli Yiddish authors. Students will use the texts as jumping-off points to explore higher-level grammatical topics and discuss historical, cultural, and linguistic points of interest. Sharon Power is the instructor.

To learn the schedule for these and other classes and to register, click here.


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