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I live near the East Palestine chemical spill. Officials who say we’re safe are lying | Greg Mascher

My granddaughters got red blotches and their eyes burned. I’ve been having headaches and coughing fits

On the evening of 3 February I was at home in East Palestine, Ohio, watching a movie with my granddaughters, when my daughter Adyson called and asked, “Dad, what’s going on downtown?” I looked out the window and there was an orange glow in the sky. I turned the movie down to talk to my daughter but she’d hung up. Ten minutes later she called back and said, “We’re coming to get you.”

We went to try to figure out what had happened and it was like driving into a cloud – smoke was billowing overhead. A Norfolk Southern freight train had derailed. You could see the flames over the tops of nearby houses and feel the heat from several hundred feet away. Huge clouds of smoke were spreading from the crash site over our town.

Greg Mascher is a grandfather and concerned resident of East Palestine, Ohio

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