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Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley to run against Trump for the GOP nomination for president: report

Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley during a news conference in Allentown, Pennsylvania, on Wednesday, October 26, 2022.Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley during a news conference in Allentown, Pennsylvania, on Wednesday, October 26, 2022.

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  • Former SC Gov. Nikki Haley is running for president, per a report from a South Carolina paper.
  • The Post and Courier reported that Haley will formally announce a run on February 15 in Charleston.
  • If Haley announces, she will be running against former President Donald Trump for the 2024 nomination.

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley is running for president, according to a new report. 

Haley is slated to announce her run on February 15 at the Charleston Visitor Center in downtown Charleston, reported The Post and Courier, a South Carolina-based newspaper. 

Haley’s communications director told Insider on Tuesday night that The Post and Courier’s reporting is “accurate.”

Haley announcing a run on February 15 will likely make her the second Republican to join the field of 2024 GOP candidates. She will be running against her ex-boss, former President Donald Trump, under whom she served as an ambassador to the United Nations. 

Haley in January teased a run for president during an interview on Fox News.

When one is considering a run for president, Haley said, you would consider two things: “Does the current situation push for new leadership? The second question is: Am I that person that could be that new leader?”

“Yes, we need to go in a new direction,” Haley said. “And can I be that leader? Yes. I think I can be that leader.” 

It is unclear where Haley’s relationship with Trump stands right now. According to a book written by The New Yorker’s Susan Glasser and The New York Times’ Peter Baker, Trump mocked Haley’s appearance and said he would not pick her for his running mate because she had a “complexion problem.” 

Trump in October also warned Haley, his former Vice President Mike Pence, and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, that running against him would be “disloyal.” 

“Many of them have said they would never run if I run, so we’ll see whether that turns out to be true,” Trump said during a Fox News Radio interview. “I think it would be very disloyal if they did, but that’s OK, too.”

 Trump in January also branded Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis — another of his would-be 2024 rivals — “very disloyal” for even considering a run against him in 2024. 

Representatives for Trump did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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