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New York City Mayor Eric Adams travels to Texas border as he calls for migrant crisis aid: ‘We are at our breaking point’

New York City Mayor Eric Adams in a white shirt in front of a background of greenery.Eric Adams, the mayor of New York City, pictured last September. Adams traveled to Texas over the weekend.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Global Citizen)

  • New York City Mayor Eric Adams called for federal and state aid to address the migrant crisis.
  • The city recently received the largest number of asylum seekers in a single day, City Hall said. 
  • Adams, a Democrat, traveled to the Texas border over the weekend to speak with migrants. 

New York City Mayor Eric Adams traveled to the southern border over the weekend, continuing his public calls for federal and state aid to address the influx of asylum seekers into the US that he says is overwhelming the city he runs. 

“Our cities are being undermined. And we don’t deserve this. Migrants don’t deserve this. And the people who live in the cities don’t deserve this,” Adams said on Sunday in El Paso, Texas, according to the Associated Press.

Adams, a Democrat, said sanctuary cities like New York that are experiencing a migrant crisis need assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, according to the Associated Press.  

Adams’ office declared a state of emergency last October as the number of people arriving in New York City strained the city’s shelters and services. City Hall said in a statement on Friday that the city recently received 835 asylum seekers in a day, the largest number to date. 

About 40,000 migrants have traveled to New York City in search of shelter since last spring, according to the city. New York City has opened 74 emergency shelters and four humanitarian relief centers, according to Adams’ office. The associated cost is $1 billion for fiscal year 2023. 

“We expect more from our national leaders to address this in a real way,” Adams said on Sunday in Texas, according to The New York Times

The city welcoming migrants seeking care and shelter is exacerbating New York City’s homelessness crisis, Brad Lander, the city’s comptroller, said earlier this month. In a Saturday tweet, Lander also criticized Adams’ Texas trip, saying it did little to bring in the money that New York City needs to provide shelter and services. 

Earlier this month, Lander said 67,600 people are sleeping in shelters and 3,400 more are sleeping on the streets and in the subway. The Department of Homeless Services does not track the number of undocumented immigrants it looks after, Lander noted. 

“The need for expanding and accelerating the distribution of rental assistance to low-income New Yorkers has never been more urgent than it is today,” he said in testimony before the Human Resources Administration.

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