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New Accounts Emerge of Wagner Soldiers Shot for Retreating

The Russian mercenary corporation Wagner Team, as a make any difference of company plan, executes soldiers caught retreating, and operates an apartheid process made to extract maximum cash flow from hapless felons that joined the business in hopes of acquiring their jail sentence wiped off the publications, 1st-hand accounts showing up in Russian opposition media outlets this week reported.


An short article in the Russian net journal Poligon from Jan. 10 described “(T)he commander of Wagner Evgeny Prigozhin ‘betrays’ felons recruited to struggle for revenue, and execution of deserters is getting place’.


Citing interviews with three previous Wagner fighters that surrendered to Ukrainian forces, the report stated the team overtly operates a double conventional technique between its members, separates employees into skilled mercenaries issued superb products and running guidance weapons that fire at a length, and “expendable” former criminals with next to no training, minimal more than an outdated Kalashnikov to combat with, and no solution but to cost forward in assaults.


Prigozhin, a former prepare dinner for Russian President Vladimir Putin, starting up in the mid-2010s parlayed his access to the Russian leader into regulate in excess of a privately-owned military services solutions organization that recruited men to fight as paid mercenaries, and Kremlin surrogates, in conflicts ranging from Donbas to Syria to Central Africa.


Hefty losses suffered by normal Russian troops over 2022, and recriminations concerning Putin and the Russian army leadership, opened a window of opportunity for Prigozhin to switch Wagner Team from a clandestine organization supplying the Kremlin deniability, into a formal piece of Moscow’s floor assault on Ukraine.


A former felon himself, in September Prigozhin kicked off a recruiting campaign in prisons throughout Russia, supplying prisoners independence and cancellation of responsible costs, in exchange for volunteering to battle for six months in Ukraine.


Most ended up deployed in the Bakhmut and Soledar sectors.


The Poligon interviews with previous Wagner customers confirmed very long-functioning stories from each entrance-line Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) troopers, and AFU intelligence, of an assault-or-be-shot self-discipline within just Wagner ranks, and a double typical separating mercenaries compensated far more and valued as qualified solders, and felons openly explained, by Wagner management, as expendable.


The accounts, all from veterans of preventing in Donbas, also possibly support to clarify clumsy assaults noticed by AFU troops in modern weeks in Bakhmut and Soledar sectors, the place Ukrainian artillery fire has regularly crushed attacks by Russian troopers advancing toward Ukrainian positions, in the open, through daylight, with very little attempt to get protect. 


“They (Wagner officers) advised us ‘One phase backwards and we will f*ck you up, you fellas only go forward’. So, I didn’t go backwards, mainly because they would have (killed) me,” double murderer Sergei Vereshchagin was quoted as saying.


Verseshchagin claimed he surrendered during an assault in the Soledar sector immediately after he and two friends managed to different themselves from their unit, stay clear of retaliation by Wagner Team leadership, and solution Ukrainian traces.


Aleksandr Drozdov was serving a a few-yr attempted murder sentence at a penitentiary in Russia’s central Vologda Area.


He instructed interviewers Prigozhin arrived to the jail and recruited him individually. When within Wagner, he said, he discovered fighters rated mercenaries by the Group had been acquiring 200,000 rubles a thirty day period, and felons like himself were paid out 100,000.  The mercenaries had been properly-outfitted with modern day weapons, transportable pcs and night vision units, he explained, whilst felons carried small extra than a weapon and ammunition, he mentioned.


Assaults from Ukrainian positions were horrific, Drozdov explained.


Describing an assault, he observed in the Soledar sector, Drozdov explained “The losses have been completely giantic, mainly because those people (felons) attacked straight in advance. I saw men wholly torn up currently being carried again to medical center or into 1 of the salt mines.”


Felon Evgeniy Novikov explained to Poligon that “Those who disobey are liquidated – this is performed publicly. There are executioner detachments there, they are created up of (other) felons.” In some situations, Novikov claimed, the Wagner leadership executes not only the man who ran away, but his commander as properly.


Vladimir Osechkin, a Russian human rights activist, in Wednesday responses posted on his Gulagu.internet web site explained Wagner troopers attempting to flee the battlefield or surrender are shot as a matter of training course, at times with artillery, and that only 15 to 20 p.c of felons despatched to fight survive the to start with 6 several hours of combat.

The highest-profile Wagner Group execution of a former fighter went community on Nov. 13 very last year, when the Russian Telegram channel Grey Zone printed a online video of felon Evgeniy Nuzhin admitting to joining the Wagner Group in September and then deserting.

He turned a Ukrainian prisoner of war, was kidnapped by Wagner operatives various weeks later on, and in the video clip footage declared himself responsible of betraying his comrades.

The movie ends with photos of an unknown gentleman killing Nuzhin with a sledgehammer blow to the cranium.

Osechkin claimed the Wagner Team leadership can take advantage of weak personnel information within just the Russian jail method and Russian Protection Ministry to have men killed in combat on Wagner’s textbooks for months, letting Prigozhin and team leadership to pocket the salaries of useless soldiers.

More point out funds are pilfered, Osechkin asserted, by filching bonus and incentive payments provided troopers for battlefield successes like capturing a trench line or destroying a Ukrainian battle auto. 

Osechkin did not offer proof to again up the claims.

Nonetheless, former Wagner Group customers talking to the Russian information retailers Poligon and Insider accused company administration of applying every attainable indicates to improve Wagner profits at the cost of felons, to divide it amid group management and mercenaries functioning with the organization extensive-phrase.

The policy of Russian troops taking pictures other Russian troops, that are retreating, may be spreading.

In accordance to a Jan. 5 situation estimate released by the Ukrainian Army’s Normal Staff, customers of a Russian countrywide law enforcement Rosgvardia device shot dead 6 troopers in the southern Zaporizhzhia sector that ended up arranging to surrender to Ukrainian troops.

The enlisted troopers were shot “to maintain navy discipline and avoid the spread of stress,” the assertion stated in component.

The United kingdom Defence Ministry in a Nov. 4 circumstance estimate noted that the Russian army was very likely arranging “blocking units” to keep positions powering attacking troops with the mission of killing any soldier who retreats.

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