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Nevada county weighs COVID, flu vaccine moratorium: Report

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(NewsNation) — A moratorium on COVID-19 and flu vaccines landed on the agenda for a rural Nevada county board of health meeting, according to local news reports Wednesday.

The Elko County Board of Health will also consider an end to local advertising touting the vaccines, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported

According to the report, Jon Karr, an Elko County Board of Health commissioner, said he thinks the two agenda items were the result of a miscommunication.

“We’ve already been notified by legal that we don’t have the authority to issue a moratorium,” Karr told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “I believe it’s just a miscommunication, and I’m hoping it gets tabled indefinitely.”

In December, The Florida Supreme Court agreed to convene a grand jury at Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’ request to investigate any wrongdoing with respect to the COVID-19 vaccines.

DeSantis suggested the investigation would in part be aimed at obtaining more information from pharmaceutical companies about the vaccines and potential side effects.

In Nevada, it was concerns raised by a resident on the potential side effects from COVID-19 vaccines that Karr felt may have spurred the initial agenda items, and Karr told the news outlet he “does not see the agenda items moving forward.”

Whether the county board has the authority to issue a ban on vaccines and advertising promoting them is unclear, but Elko commissioners were doubtful, according to the report.

Nevada’s Department of Health and Human Services encourages residents to get vaccinated and to “speak with a trusted health care provider about vaccinations.”

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