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Neighbor: Bryan Kohberger made a lot of noise at night

(NewsNation) — A fomer downstairs neighbor of Idaho college killings suspect Bryan Kohberger described him as a loner who was noisy at night.

A father of two young children who lived in the apartment below Kohberger for five months told NewsNation he never saw Kohberger with friends.

The neighbor said he never heard other voices coming from his apartment, saying all the noise that he would hear came from Kohberger himself, and they came late into the night.

Kohberger was a night owl, according to the neighbor, walking around well past midnight and “washing things.”

Kohberger’s late hours were generally disruptive and became a problem for the family living below him.

The neighbor told NewsNation his wife was fed up because her little babies were trying to sleep and she heard a ruckus upstairs.

When the neighbor heard Kohberger was a suspected killer, he said his family was shocked.

“Especially my wife. At that time, she was not very … she could not sleep very well.”

As the legal case against Kohberger moves forward, the Moscow, Idaho, community is settling into a new normal, continuing to honor and remember the four lives lost.

Outside the home where the four University of Idaho students were viciously killed, a memorial stands. It is weathered and worn, but not forgotten.

People often stop by, placing flowers and taking pictures. Some kneel to pray.

Several people have been seen paying their respects outside the house where the victims were killed, and the sounds of music and merriment signal that students are moving on with their lives.

“It makes the students a lot more at ease,” Skyiah Duff said. “We have a lot of party houses down the street and I hear them partying every weekend, so it makes me feel better knowing that students have relaxed, for sure.”

While Kohberger is locked up two miles from the crime scene, the Washington State University Department of Criminal Justice, where he once served as a teaching assistant, is also moving forward with spring classes.

NewsNation has learned professor John Snyder, whom Kohberger reported to as a teaching assistant, has removed his office hours from his door due to the constant scrutiny he’s faced.

According to Kohberger’s termination letter issued before his arrest, Snyder and the accused killer had several altercations.

Administrators in the department declined to answer questions about the pair’s professional relationship.

A source close to the Kohberger family also told NewsNation two of the suspect’s sisters have recently lost their jobs due to their relationship to the accused killer, and the family is struggling financially as they grapple with the upcoming trial.

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