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A Mississippi meteorologist prayed on-air for small-town residents as a deadly tornado barreled toward them: VIDEO

Amory, MississippiThe aftermath in Amory, Mississippi after a tornado and severe weather hit the area.

AP Photo/Jim Lytle

  • A deadly tornado ripped through Mississippi and Alabama Friday, killing at least 26 people. 
  • As the storm neared the small city of Amory, Mississippi, a local weatherman prayed for residents’ safety. 
  • ‘Dear Jesus, please help them,’ said WTVA’s Matt Laubhan. 

A Mississippi weatherman paused his report live on the air Friday to pray for residents of a small town, as a deadly tornado headed straight for them. 

“This is a strong, life-threatening tornado that’s going to move either extremely close to Amory, or in through the northern part of the city of Amory,” said WTVA’s Matt Laubhan. 

—BNO News Live (@BNODesk) March 25, 2023


Laubhan was covering the deadly weather that ripped through Alabama and Mississippi, killing at least 26 people, according to ABC News. He prayed for the residents of Amory, Mississippi — pleading on air for people to stay safe just minutes before the tornado reached them. 

“Amory, we need to be in our tornado safe place,” Laubhan said. “Dear Jesus, please help them.” 

Amory is a small town of about 6,500 in northeastern  Mississippi situated between Birmingham, Alabama, and Memphis, Tennessee.

The tornado left a trail of destruction in Amory, directly hitting the city’s water department, according to the New York Times. Residents of Amory have been under a boil water order since the storm hit. It is unclear whether the tornado claimed anyone’s life as it swept through Amory. 

“Please remain off of the streets unless you are a first responder,” the Amory Police Department wrote on Facebook Saturday. 


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