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Guardian columnist Gaby Hinsliff looks at why the government has refused to extend the free school meals scheme and how the decision has backfired while Guardian journalist Aamna Mohdin reports from a food bank in Hillingdon

The Guardian columnist Gaby Hinsliff talks to Anushka Asthana about the government’s decision not to extend the free school meals programme into the half-term. There is widespread anger at the government’s decision to refuse to provide 1.4 million disadvantaged children in England with £15 a week in food vouchers during the holidays, despite massive public pressure led by the England footballer Marcus Rashford.

The Guardian reporter Aamna Mohdin reports from Hillingdon Crisis Support Service in north-west London. When the government voted against the decision to feed hungry children, local charities and businesses rallied together and offered to help. Several local councils, including Hillingdon council, announced they would be stepping in to ensure children did not go hungry. But there is widespread frustration that it has come to this.

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