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The best laptop deals and sales in April 2023: Prices start at just $180

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No matter what time of year you need one, we can help you track down the best laptop deals out there. Demand is constant, competition is fierce, and we’re always updating this guide with our latest finds.

This guide to the latest laptop deals covers multiple price points for various buyers. We understand that most people just don’t need a super powerful piece of kit, so where we can find a solid laptop that will handle the basics for work or study for a low price point, we’re there. Of course, some of you might need something with a little more grunt to run more demanding applications or do a little gaming, and we’ve got you covered there too. Either way, every laptop deal we’ve selected today comes in way under the $1000 barrier.

Before highlighting a laptop below, we’ll compare the price against rival stores and examine the price history of the item too so we can weigh up just how good of a deal it really is. Every laptop deal we highlight below is something we’d either buy for ourselves or recommend to a friend. If our highlights don’t quite do it for you, there’s a list of links to the latest laptop sales at a range of our favorite stores at the end if you’d like to shop around some more.  

Top laptop deals of the week

Want to see more laptop sales?

If you’ve not found something for your needs above, be sure to head over to the laptop sales highlighted at the retailers below to see if something else catches your eye. Most of them have everything from budget laptops around $200 or less, plenty of mid-range picks, and even discounts on more powerful machines specializing in gaming, graphic design, or media editing. We will also regularly update the laptop selection above with fresh deals over time, so feel free to bookmark us and check back in soon.

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