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Kamala Harris dodged a question about the Willow drilling project Biden just approved during an interview with Stephen Colbert

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US Vice President Kamala Harris speaks at the National Baptist Convention on September 08, 2022 in Houston, Texas.US Vice President Kamala Harris speaks at the National Baptist Convention on September 08, 2022 in Houston, Texas.

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  • Kamala Harris dodged a question about if Biden broke a campaign promise with the Willow project. 
  • Instead, she pointed out he advancements her administration has made in favor of climate change. 
  • Stephen Colbert pushed her on the matter three times before moving on to another topic. 

Kamala Harris dodged Stephen Colbert’s question when he asked about the Willow oil drilling project President Joe Biden just approved, pointing out that Biden promised on the campaign trail that he would not approve any new drilling projects on federal land.

On Wednesday night’s episode of “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” Colbert first asked Harris what the major issues will be that define the upcoming 2024 election, in which Biden and Harris are expected to run for re-election.

She said they plan to continue “building on the momentum we have achieved thus far,” pointing to the $1 trillion their administration has invested into the climate crisis

Colbert acknowledged this priority in their administration, but he said that Biden promised there would be “no new drilling licenses issued on public land” during his campaign, even though just this week, he approved the Willow project.

The project — a massive oil drilling mission in Alaska — has been opposed by many Americans, with some claiming Biden broke a campaign promise by approving it. 

“What’s the calculus there?” Colbert asked the Vice President. 

Instead of answering him straight about the project, Harris again pointed to all of the advances their administration has made in favor of the climate crisis.  

“I understand the concerns that have been made, but here’s the thing, when you look at what our administration has done, it’s historic in terms of an investment into a clean energy economy,” she began in response. 

She added that they are putting “America back on the map, globally,” in terms of investing in the future of the country. 

“We have been quite bold in the advances we have been making,” Harris continued. She then called out the recent legislation passed that would ensure a rebate for those who purchase electric vehicles. 

Colbert then asked about the blowback the Biden-Harris administration is now facing because of the Willow project approval.

Harris again said she understood why people are concerned but that the solutions have to come from investments being made.

After pushing her three times, Harris still would not answer whether Biden broke a campaign promise, prompting Colbert to move on in the interview. 


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