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New interface available for affordable housing developers and community


A new suite of software is now available to help facilitate the management of large affordable housing projects, designed to be used by those in real estate or housing development agencies to connect with clients more effectively.

Housing Matters, the interface designed by Like Minded Software, was created to address all aspects of housing opportunities to help those who are seeking affordable housing as well as help affordable housing developers and the city’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development to connect with the communities they serve.

The new Housing Matters software will allow contractors, developers, the New York City housing agency and the public to communicate through one integrated application and aims to streamline the process of accessing housing.

“This allows the affordable housing opportunity to be set up and rented quickly because the application has the functionality to go from setup to leasing,” Satya Maganti, Managing Partner of Like Minded Software and founder of Housing Matters said in an email. “Additionally, agencies and development companies can define set asides and/or preferences to allot a defined percent of these units to underserved communities. Examples of set asides and preferences include people with mobility, vision/hearing requirements, veterans, 65+ [sic], community board members, teachers and other government employees.”

Through Housing Matters, residents can communicate with housing agency or real estate staff, view eligibility details on independent housing lotteries, renew leases, submit requests for rent modification and more through the software’s Applicant Experience Portal.

Developers and housing agents can manage and set up affordable housing units through the Housing Matters’ Housing Opportunity Management Module where they can submit Notices of Intent (NOIs) with detailed information on proposed development. 

Once a housing developer contacts Housing Matters with interest in using the software, the company will schedule a time for the developer or agency to begin using the product — a process that can take anywhere from one week to three months depending on any unique requirements that the developer has for their project.

The software will help both residents and developers or real estate agencies with their own respective needs and applications, but will also help members of the public communicate with these agencies as well as apply for housing lotteries organized by Housing Matters.

Using the Housing Matters application, real estate developers can create new developments and add affordable housing units within the development as well as collaborate with independent housing lotteries. The public can utilize the application to view affordable housing opportunities and lotteries as well as apply, submit needed documents and follow-up on housing applications.

If an applicant becomes a resident, they can use Housing Matters as a resident portal for rent payments, lease renewals or modifications, management needs and more.

“We have built all of this functionality into an end to end product,” said Maganti. “The biggest advantage of this product is that, by connecting all three parties and their processes together, we are able to reduce the time it takes for these affordable housing units to be assigned to eligible applicants.”

To learn more about Housing Matters and the services offered, visit the website here, and for members of the public looking for affordable housing opportunities view the website here.

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