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InfoWars’ Alex Jones purchased a $4,000 cryogenic chamber and spent $100,000 on guns, filing shows

Alex Jones.Alex Jones.

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call

  • Alex Jones spent bought a cryogenic-freezing chamber that can help with mental disorders, it is claimed
  • The revelations were made in a new filing in a Texas bankruptcy court.
  • Jones has been accused of trying to shield his wealth from paying $1.5 billion to Sandy Hook families.

Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist and far-right InfoWars host, used his fortune to purchase a $4,000 cryogenic chamber and spent $100,000 on guns, according to a filing in a Texas bankruptcy court, reported on by The Daily Beast.

A cryotherapy chamber exposes the body to freezing dry air for several minutes for various claimed health benefits, including reducing pain and inflammation and helping with mental disorders. The scientific community is divided on the treatment’s effectiveness.

He also spent $54,000 on watches and cufflinks and three boats valued at more than $100,000. 

Jones and his company filed for bankruptcy protection last year after parents of Sandy Hook victims accused him of profiting off lies about the shooting, which included his claims that it was a hoax staged by actors.

As a result, Jones and his company were hit with two defamation judgments totaling about $1.5 billion.

Since then, Jones has faced accusations of trying to shield his fortune from legal threats.

Jones claimed on his InfoWars show in December that he was “officially out of money, personally,” per CBS News.

“It’s all going to be filed. It’s all going to be public. And you will see that Alex Jones has almost no cash,” he said.

Despite evidence of a lavish lifestyle, the Thursday filing might not provide an accurate picture of his fortune.

The new filing comes after a judge ordered Jones to provide more accurate financial information, leading to the discovery of $4.8 million in undisclosed assets, increasing his overall wealth to $14.7 million. 

Jones reported earning roughly $38 million from InfoWars in 2021 and 2022. Thursday’s filing claims he has just over $200,000 in bank accounts and no stocks or bonds.

The New York Times he was reported in March that Jones was transferring millions of dollars worth of his assets to friends and family in a move that appeared designed to protect his assets from the considerable Sandy Hook judgment.

The judge presiding over the bankruptcy case of InfoWars’ parent company said he was “troubled” on Monday after discovering that Jones had redirected $157,000, initially intended for InfoWars, for personal use.

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