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‘I Don’t Know’: Dem Lawmaker Had No Recollection of Drunk Driving Crash, Video Shows

A Democratic lawmaker in Connecticut has no recollection of a drunk driving crash that saw her hit two vehicles and flip her own just blocks from the state’s capitol building, bodycam footage shows.

Hartford police arrested state representative Robin Comey in March after the Democrat drunkenly flipped her car along a busy stretch of road near the Connecticut State Capitol. Weeks after the ordeal, a newly released body camera video shows Comey failed to identify her whereabouts prior to the crash and could not explain what happened.

“So what happened?” police asked Comey. “I—I don’t know,” the Democrat responded before smoking a cigarette. “How did we end up upside down here?” the officer asked again. “I don’t know,” Comey said while chuckling. The liberal lawmaker also said she did not know which restaurant she visited before the crash but did know that she failed to eat anything. Police later revealed that Comey—who “reeked of alcoholic beverages and could barely stand up” during the exchange—was drinking at a nearby tavern with three of her Democratic colleagues before attempting to drive home at nearly twice the legal blood alcohol limit.

UPDATE: Newly released footage of Democrat Rep. Comey’s drunk driving crash and arrest! Comey couldn’t explain what happened when questioned by officers.

Officer: “So what happened”

Comey: “I – I don’t know”

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The compromising footage could bring increased pressure on Comey to resign. Top Connecticut Democrats, such as Gov. Ned Lamont and House Speaker Matt Ritter, have thus far stood by Comey, who plans to return to her legislative duties this year after finishing alcohol treatment. Some of Comey’s constituents, however, have called on the Democrat to step down.

“For a representative to be getting a DUI like that and representing our state, I don’t think it’s right,” one constituent told Hartford’s CBS affiliate.

“Do I think the person should resign? Yes,” another person said. “Just from the standpoint of you’re trying to set an example for younger people, whatever the case may be.”

This is not the first time Comey has faced scrutiny from an alcohol-related incident. Two years ago, Comey slurred her words and struggled to string together sentences during a House floor speech, prompting ridicule from late night host Jimmy Kimmel. “Like she’s trying to order off the Wendy’s drive-thru menu at 3 a.m.,” Kimmel said. Comey at the time said the drunken speech was “due to several factors, including anxiety, exhaustion, and, regrettably, the wine I had with dinner.”

Comey in March issued a public apology for her crash, promising to “begin treatment to better understand the disease that is addiction.” The Democrat is set to face a court hearing in early May over the crash.

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