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Howie Carr: Federal Bureau of Incompetence strikes again

It could have been worse for the Delta Airlines pilot (or pilots) who were “detained” by the Boston FBI for 45 minutes Tuesday night in the latest colossal screw-up by the local G-men.

It could have been much worse.

The FBI could have detained the pilots the same way they detained the four guys from the North End named Peter Limone, Joe Salvati, Louie Greco and Henry Tameleo.

The G-men “detained” those guys for 35-plus years, in prison, for a murder they didn’t even commit. Two of them were even “detained” on death row for years, and two died in prison after the FBI allowed them to be convicted, even though they knew they were innocent.

Of course the FBI is now trying to deflect criticism from its latest black eye, saying it was in fact just assisting a Department of Defense exercise in, you know, role-playing.

But the reality is summed up in the 11-second sound cut the Boston Police Department released about their dispatch of a police cruiser to the incident late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning:

“Can you swing by the Revere Hotel? Two Delta pilots had people claiming to be FBI agents barge into their room and handcuff them to the bathroom.”

Claiming to be FBI agents – perfect! The Boston office has always had lots of bad actors claiming to be FBI agents.

Talk about role-playing – Zip Connolly was a Mob hitman claiming to be an FBI agent. Ditto H. Paul Rico. Peter Strzok claimed to be a cop rather than a Democrat dirty trickster.

On those rare occasions that the local feds took a break from hanging out at Suffolk Downs or taking payoffs from Whitey Bulger, it was only to chase their secretaries around the desk, or maybe plant a fake bomb under the car of a Mob guy named Eddie Miami.

Supposedly the Boston G-men conduct this “role-playing” all the time with other federal agencies.

They teach rookie cops the tricks of the trade – as if they couldn’t figure out to take bribes hoodlums all by themselves. But I suppose you could argue that hotels are the best place for role-playing, especially on the weekends, when everyone likes to register (or at least used to, when you could still pay cash) as “Mr. and Mrs. John Smith.”

The FBI’s stated theory is that the cops may eventually find themselves in a situation where they’re required to barge into some place where bad guys are all holed up drunk, you know, like one of those old FBI Christmas parties, where Whitey Bulger supplied the booze because… professional courtesy.

But why do the feds pick an upscale hotel in the chi-chi district to act out their cop fantasies in?

Remember the Motel 6 in Braintree, down around Exit 17? It’s gone now, thank goodness, but that was a bucket of blood, hookers, drug dealers, illegal immigrants, MS-13 gangbangers – it was like a Democrat convention, every night.

There’s plenty of those motels, everywhere, more of them than ever actually. They are where all Joe Biden’s “migrants” are being stashed until some free public housing opens up for them.

But instead of going out to meet ‘n’ greet some real bad guys, the G-men go to a la-de-da spot in the theater district, hard by Newbury Street, and you know why.

Because “Revere Hotel Boston Common” (its official name) is cool, it has social cachet.

You can quaff a fine craft IPA in the Lantern Lounge there, as opposed to gathering in the parking lot of a no-tell motel on Route 1 North, where the local machete-wielding pachecos from Lynn are sitting in their unregistered stolen cars chugging Fireball nips, er, excuse me, miniature liquor bottles.

So the feds go to a boutique hotel and then hit the wrong room – 1505, if you’re looking for your own love nest this weekend with “Mrs. Smith.”

The question remains, though, how did they decide to go after these two pilots? The theories abound, at least on my text line.

The pilots hadn’t gotten their booster shots yet.

When they checked in, one of them asked the room clerk if he knew of any local Catholic churches that had a weekday Latin Mass, and in shock the clerk immediately called 911.

Maybe the housekeeper came in to turn down the beds and one of the suitcases was open and she spotted… a red MAGA hat.

If you see something, say something.

Or it could have been that the pilot who got lugged by the G-men was the angry parent of a school-age child. Maybe he’d attended a school-board meeting somewhere to complain about drag-queen story hours or CRT or male thugs in the girls’ bathroom, and the feds had had the dangerous white nationalist under surveillance ever since, and finally realized it was time to take him off the board.

Perhaps it was as simple as one of the pilots ordering room service. When the waiter arrived, he noticed that the TV was on, tuned to Fox News, and the pilot was watching President Trump’s post-arrest address from Mar-a-Lago.

Maybe a CHS – a confidential human source – had informed the feds one of the pilots had flown into District of Columbia airspace on Jan. 6 2021 – obviously an insurrectionist!

On the other hand, it could have just been as simple as another routine FBI roundup of Republicans and Trump voters.

The good news is, when it came to abusing a couple of innocent American taxpayers with real jobs, at least the FBI showed a little initiative. Could have used a little of that when they got the tip from Russian intelligence that a couple of Muslim terrorists on welfare named Tsarnaev might be planning a terrorist attack.

Or when a career jailbird named Gary Lee Sampson asked the FBI to come pick him up before he could go on another crime spree and kill three people over the weekend.

Hey, it was Friday afternoon. You can’t expect the FBI to working that late, can you?

Not unless the perps are Republicans, right G-men?

Some things never seem to change. The Boston FBI office is one of them.

H. Paul Rico, a former Boston-based FBI agent, is seen in a 2001 congressional hearing. (Herald file)H. Paul Rico, a former Boston-based FBI agent, is seen in a 2001 congressional hearing. (Herald file)

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