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How to watch ‘Swarm’: The new thriller stars Dominique Fishback and features the acting debut of Billie Eilish

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dominique fishback as Dre in Swarm mopping up blood on the floor“Swarm” is a psychological thriller following one fan’s obsession with a pop star.

Amazon Prime Video

  • “Swarm” is now available to watch exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.
  • The new series stars Dominique Fishback as a music fan whose obsession takes a dark turn. 
  • Grammy-winning singer Billie Eilish makes her acting debut as a guest star in season one. 

“Swarm,” a new thriller from co-creator Donald Glover, is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. The complete first season is available to watch for no additional cost with a Prime membership. 

“Swarm” is a psychological horror series that illustrates just how far some will go for fandom. The show follows Dre (Dominique Fishback), a young woman obsessed with a fictional, Beyoncé-like pop star. The artist’s fans call themselves the Swarm (a term reminiscent of Beyoncé’s own Beyhive). As Dre’s obsession grows, she starts to go down a violent path.  

Check out the ‘Swarm’ trailer

“Swarm” is created by Donald Glover (“Atlanta”) and Janine Nabers (“Watchmen”). Nabers also serves as the series’ showrunner. It stars Dominique Fishback, Chloe Bailey, and Karen Rodriguez. The show’s guest roster includes Rory Culkin, X Mayo, Paris Jackson, and Billie Eilish. 

How to watch ‘Swarm’

You can watch “Swarm” exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. Subscriptions start at $9 a month for just Prime Video access, but you can get all of Amazon Prime’s benefits for $15 a month. 

Once you’re subscribed, you’ll be able to watch “Swarm” using the Amazon Prime Video app on any smart TV, smartphone, tablet, gaming console, or through the Prime Video website on any web browser. Episodes can even be downloaded to your account to watch later without needing an internet connection.  

Can I watch ‘Swarm’ for free?

You can watch “Swarm” for free by signing up for a 30-day Amazon Prime trial. The free 30-day period is only available to users who have never signed up previously. All of the episodes in season one are already up, so you can watch the entirety of the show durng your trial period. 

How many episodes are in ‘Swarm’ season one?

Season one of “Swarm” has a total of seven episodes. All of them were released on Amazon Prime Video on March 17.

Has ‘Swarm’ been renewed for season 2?

As of March 17, there is no news of “Swarm” being renewed for a second season just yet. Amazon will likely wait a few weeks to see how the show performs before making a decision on a renewal.

What episode of ‘Swarm’ is Billie Eilish in?

Billie Eilish appears as a guest star in episode four of “Swarm.” The series marks the pop star’s acting debut. 

Is ‘Swarm’ worth watching?

Dominique Fishback as Dre in "Swarm" looking concerned while standing in a roomFishback’s performance in “Swarm” is what carries the series.

Amazon Prime Video

As of March 17, “Swarm” holds a “81% Fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Though critics are somewhat lukewarm on the show’s message and writing, most agree that Fishback’s leading performance as Dre carries the show.

Reviewers call the series a dark, satirical thriller that spotlights the isolation in obsession. While it may communicate that with varying levels of success, most critics agree that it’s still an interesting watch, and has the potential to be well worth the “Euphoria”-like hype. If anything, it’s worth watching for Fishback’s role as Dre, and Billie Eilish’s acting debut as a guest star. 

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