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Families across the UK are being allowed to gather over Christmas, even as tens of thousands of new coronavirus cases are recorded each day. Is it possible to have a safe holiday? The Guardian’s science correspondent Nicola Davis offers some guidance

Just before England exited its most recent national lockdown, the four UK governments announced that people would be permitted to gather with their loved ones over the Christmas holiday, with some caveats. Science correspondent Nicola Davis explains the details of the new rules to Anushka Asthana, and describes the scientific debate that shaped them.

After months of social distancing, quarantining and other restrictive measures, the prospect of something like a normal Christmas was met with relief by many. But the relaxed guidance comes even as the UK records tens of thousands of new coronavirus cases per day. Is it a good idea to meet your family over Christmas? And if you do get together, what can you do to keep everyone safe? Davis offers some guidance on navigating the holiday.

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