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Heather Stewart and Polly Toynbee discuss what the new Covid-19 restrictions entail, as well as the latest UK Brexit legislation, for which the government is willing to break international law. Anand Menon and Jennifer Rankin discuss the prospect of getting an EU trade deal. Plus Simon Murphy speaks to Tracey Crouch about the role footballers should have in politics

Heather and Polly question how dangerous the UK government’s admission that it plans to break international law might be. They also look at what the new restrictions announced by Boris Johnson will mean for people in England when they are introduced from next Monday.

With the Brexit negotiations between the EU and the British government entering their eighth round this week, Heather speaks to the Guardian’s Brussels correspondent, Jennifer Rankin, and the director of the UK in a Changing Europe thinktank, Anand Menon, about how likely it is that the two sides will come up with a deal.

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