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Mission Statement: The purpose of WRCU is to provide both our listeners and DJs with access to a wide variety of non-commercial programming that cannot be heard on any other station in the area. We also strive to provide Colgate students with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in radio broadcasting. We play all sorts of music which can be loosely sorted into six main genres:Indie Rock,World,Jazz,Nyte Flyte,Specialty,News.

The official format of WUAG is Progressive, which basically means that we are always changing. During the weekday business hours you will hear our constantly changing rotation. In our rotation we have everything from indie rock, hip hop, jazz, world music, americana, to electronic. During our night hours (7pm-1am) and weekend shows you can hear specialty shows. Specialty shows are radio shows that focus on a specific genre of music. For instance, we usually have a world music show. Now I say usually because our DJ staff changes every semester.

Радио EQUILIBRIUM – Это твоя свобода. Радио EQUILIBRIUM - Это то, где ты можешь быть самим собой. Радио EQUILIBRIUM – объединяет истинных ценителей тяжелой музыки Больше

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