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Elon Musk is selling Tesla beers for more than $30 to celebrate the company’s Berlin Gigafactory, over a year since its delayed opening

A screenshot of the Tesla "GigaBier" website.A screenshot of the Tesla “GigaBier” website.


  • Tesla’s “GigaBier” is now on sale, 17 months after Elon Musk first revealed it in Berlin.
  • It costs about $98 for a pack of three bottles, which are supposed to look like Tesla’s Cybertruck.
  • The beer is Tesla’s second foray into the liquor market, having previously sold a $250 tequila.

Elon Musk has started selling Tesla-branded beers that are brewed in Germany, cost more than $30 each, and are designed to look a little bit like its unreleased electric pickup truck – Cybertruck.

The “GigaBier” was first revealed in October 2021 to celebrate the opening of Tesla’s Berlin Gigafactory.

Its new German factory is key to Tesla’s ambitions in Europe, and delivered its first 30 vehicles in March 2022, after a 265-day delay caused by permit delays and environmental activists.

But that hasn’t stopped Musk from capitalizing on the car manufacturer’s loyal fanbase. The beers come in packs of three, in glossy black bottles with sharp edges that Tesla says are supposed to “emulate the form of Cybertruck.”

It added that it’s “honoring the 500-year tradition of German Reinheitsgebot beermaking” and is brewed using “our exclusive strain of Cyberhops.”

The beverage is only available in Europe and costs 89 euros or £79 – equivalent to roughly $98. With the bottles being 330ml or 11oz, they’re slightly less than the standard can size in the US. 

For that price, a Brit could instead buy 70 cans of Peroni or 59 cans of Camden Hells, which are also Pilsner-style lagers of similar alcohol content.

The “GigaBier” marks Tesla’s second foray into the booze market, having previously launched Tesla Tequila in 2020. That came in a lightning-shaped bottle and retailed for $250, and was so popular that there was a second release

It was produced by a California-based company that was simultaneously charging $45 for its similar product, albeit aged for four fewer months, Insider previously reported.

Although Musk has said he doesn’t “like the taste or effects of most alcohol,” he has also praised whisky and red wine – which he was pictured drinking at the World Cup final in Qatar last December. 

“A little red wine, vintage record, some Ambien… and magic!” he tweeted in 2017.

Tesla did not immediately reply to Insider’s request for comment.

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