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A couple moved 700 miles to Florida so they can visit Disney World 3 times a week and say it helped save their marriage

Photo of Holly and Cody Cole at Disney World with their daughter.Holly and Cody Cole moved to Florida in December.

Holly Cole

  • A married couple moved from Tennessee to Florida to live closer to Disney World.
  • Holly and Cody Cole now visit the resort about three times a week with their two-year-old.
  • The couple says moving saved their marriage and helped them get away from family conflict. 

Holly Cole has been visiting Disney World since she was five years old and has always wanted to live nearby one day.

She finally took the plunge last year with her husband Cody after they’d experienced family conflict and wanted a new start.

The couple, both 29, left Nashville, Tennessee and moved more than 700 miles to Auburndale, Florida in December. They can now drive to the resort in less than an hour. 

“We just wanted to leave Tennessee, but this is always where I wanted to end up,” Holly Cole told Insider. “We’ve been here almost four months now and get to visit Disney around three times a week and we absolutely love it.”

The Disney superfan says leaving Tennessee has saved their marriage and they get to go to the resort all the time with their two-year-old daughter Willow. 

“A couple of days ago we went twice a day – we came home after going in the morning and then went back later for the fireworks. That’s normal for us,” Holly said. 

photo of Holly and Cody Cole at Disney WorldHolly and Cody Cole says moving near the resort has helped save their marriage.

Holly Cole

The family has an annual season ticket called a Pixie Dust pass that costs $400 plus tax, which lets them visit whenever they want. The pass is only available for Florida residents and they opted out of water park access which costs more.

“At first I thought it was a scam because it was so cheap,” Holly said. “Going to Disney before that has always been so expensive and would cost no less than $5,000 for the week, so once we set up our passes we were there the next day.” 

Holly says she’s been a “huge” Disney fan since she was a child and she enjoys being able to create fun memories with her daughter, who is now well-known by some of the cast members. 

The Navy veteran has a leg injury and says walking around the resort helps with her mobility as well as dealing with anxiety and depression. Now that she’s no longer serving in the navy she said she can visit the resort any day of the week.

“I just have to go into the app and make a reservation, we can pretty much go whenever we want,” Holly said. “My daughter will wake up and say ‘mommy I want to see Mickey Mouse,’ and we’ll make a quick reservation and drive down.” 

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