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Playing the music anthems of the 70's, 80’s, 90's, 2000's and now. We are an independent radio station located in Central Timaru, in the heart of the South Canterbury region of New Zealand’s South Island.

432radio is a radio station focusing on the underground electronic music. We stream on our website and android and ios apps. we have live djs and bring the best tunage to you!

Genres : rock

95b FM is aimed to be the leader and broadcaster of contemporary music for the mass amount of listeners. 95b FM alos consults with their listeners and even with students for the developing process of their radio station. The radio interacts with students and takes their opinion because the core of the radio is connected with students and their interest.

AM936是紐西蘭唯一全部以普通話廣播的中文電台,是中華電視網華人之聲廣播電臺於2004年建立於奧克蘭。它也是一個每日24小時,每週七天,不停廣播的中文電台頻道。本電台積極,熱情,高質量地為廣大的15萬華人朋友服務。本頻道面向社會各階層,不同年齡,不同職業,不同生活背景,不同興趣愛好著,都是我們的聽眾。本頻道的節目編排根據聽眾的愛好和商家的需求而設定。AM936轉播來自中國北京最受歡迎的北京人民廣播電台,中國最有權威和影響力的中央人民廣播電台的新聞,台灣深受聽眾肯定歡迎的飛碟電台節目。每週更自製高達 70小時以上的本地節目。“我愛紐西蘭”,“新聞今日談”,及時反映奧克蘭動態直接播報,並且與中華電視網的免費中文電視 CTV8聯播,首開紀元,節目中Call-in單元與所有觀眾聽眾互動。紐西蘭的主流社會亦透過 AM936及CTV8和華社互相交流,互通訊息,豐富了紐西蘭人的文化及華人的生活,弘揚中華文化,本電台還開設了各類文化,法律,教育,音樂,投資,移民,留學,財經,文化,娛樂,旅遊,新聞等欄目,新穎,超卓,非凡是本頻道的特色。AM936透過 SKYTV的衛星平台及istars.me的網站線上即時收聽,收聽範圍覆蓋整個紐西蘭,成為紐西蘭全國收聽率最高,影響力最大的中文廣播電台。

An independent, world-class, always eclectic, indie, alternative, modern, retro/vintage rock & more FM and internet radio station. Jamming the free world, one person at a time since 1998.

Atiawa Toa FM is one of New Zealand's premier Iwi radio stations. It's a department of Te Runanganui o Taranaki Whanui and this year celebrated its 16th birthday. A fully commercial enterprise, it successfully competes in the Greater Wellington market, broadcasting to the Wellington region via 2 transmitters; one on the eastern hills of Lower Hutt and the other overlooking Porirua city.

Started in 1991 to promote the Maori language in the Whanganui dialect to the whole Whanganui Region, from the mountains in the Central Plateau to the sea through Whanganui City. Show more

Base FM 107.3 is broadcasting from Auckland, New Zealand. This radio station is playing Electic, Funk, Hip Hop etc genres of music 24 hours live online. It is now getting much popularity among the young generation in New Zealand Show more

Genres : rock

Bayrock - real music and more of it.

BIG RIVER FM is a community-owned and run radio station based in Dargaville, Northland, New Zealand. The station transmits throughout parts of the Kaipara region on 98.6 MHz FM and in Ruawai and Aranga on 88.2 MHz FM. Show more

bollybop is Tauranga's first and only 24/7 Indian Radio Station, playing the latest Bollywood, Hindi and Punjabi Hits.

Canterbury Mountain Radio Service Inc. is a voluntary organisation which relies on volunteers to man its service, in applying for use of radio-telephone. Show more

New Zealand’s favourite alternative and modern rock station.

Coast FM Auckland is a hit radio station in New Zealand. This radio station is broadcasting from Auckland, New Zealand and playing oldies. It is a 24 hours live online radio station, popular among the people of New Zealand.

Coast plays the music you grew up with, and love to sing along to. It is the ultimate musical escape from the daily grind. The real personalities on Coast will tell you what’s happening today, in an easy going, uncluttered environment. Show more

Most of the music in the Waves of the Pacific are originated from different islands such as Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, Vanuatu, New Calendonia etc.Tune in from your home 24 hours a day.

Dave FM is the home of your Classic Hits Collection! Our format of uninterrupted Classic Hits from the 70's, 80’s and 90's means we’re a great place to escape with music you love without being interrupted by waffling DJ's, commercials or long news bulletins! We're not-for-profit (we do it for the love of it!) and we're based in New Zealand. We LOVE hearing from our listeners. If you'd like to get in touch, drop us a line!

East FM is a community radio station broadcasting on 88.1fm in and around Howick, and on 107.1fm in Botany/FlatBush areas. Show more

Flava Radio stations are the most recognized internet based, onward thinking, innovative equipment which is the reason why most of the people loves this station. Turn your own little brown eyes along with 30 severely acclaimed performers through almost all points, across the world along with Flava Radio. Which will be making use of their music.

Fleet FM is a low-power non-commercial co-operative radio station which has previously broadcast permanently in Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand. It broadcast in Auckland on 88.3FM and in Wellington on 107.3FM. It was founded on 18 July 2003. The station was unique in that it is being run as a completely voluntary project and is advert free. This helps to ensure the Fleet disk jockey complete artistic control. The station's listenership crosses through traditional Auckland demographics reaching a diverse audience particularly those involved in the Arts and creative industries. Fleet has held a variety of music and art related events, such as the infamous "Convoy" gigs and Camp Fleet, when on New Years the radio station takes over a classic Kiwi school camp. Fleet members are often exhibiting art about town and sometimes in conjunction with the Pelvic Trust.

Fresh FM is a Community Access station, broadcasting content made By, For and About people in our region. Our programme mix includes discussions, drama, music and documentaries that reflect the top of the South Island. Show more

Gaia FM can be received in most parts of Tauranga and Mt. Maunganui on 87.8Mhz or 107.1Mhz FM, however, being low power, an aerial of some kind will be required in most areas. A piece of wire roughly 2 metres in length connected to the 300ohm connection on your home stereo is often sufficient. 300ohm indoor ribbon antennas can usually be purchased from electronic supply stores.

George FM started broadcasting in the spare bedroom of a flat in Grey Lynn, Auckland by Thane Kirby in 1998. The original pirate broadcaster on the Low Power FM Band, George FM was nurtured through it's infant years by a team of passionate volunteers, who helped shape and form it into the full featured radio station we have evolved into today. Show more

Groove is New Zealand's only Cafe Style Jazz Radio Station. Also the only locally owned & operated, independent commercial radio station in Wellington. We specialise in Lounge, Swing, Classic Jazz, Blues, Acid Jazz, Funk, Soul and anything with a Groove. Show more

Your new H1T source! From New Zealand to the world, the latest hits as well as flashbacks

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