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ChinaTalk: Economic Warfare: Implications for Sanctions Today

Welcome back to the second part of my conversation with Nick Mulder and Lars Schönander. Picking the narrative up in 1935, get real in this episode:

  • Why the Great Depression, counterintuitively, made importing commodities cheaper, and how that affected Germany’s and Japan’s protectionism;
  • The difference between autarky and autarchy;
  • Whether Kim Jong-un’s North Korea could survive a full-on fuel embargo today by using Nazi-era technology;
  • Nick’s definition of “temporal claustrophobia,” and what it has to do with Japan ultimately siding with the Axis;
  • Parallels between the “ABCD circle” (America, Britain, China, Dutch East Indies) and the semiconductor export controls today;
  • Why having an empire was a liability for Britain;
  • What sanctions had to do with the Czechoslovaks — even with a larger army — falling to the Nazis;
  • How the blockades of WWI differed from WWII;
  • And what lessons pro-decouplers should learn from this history of sanctions.

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Nick’s book recommendations:

Athene Palace by R. G. Waldeck

The World of Late Anitquity by Peter Brown

The Thirty Years’ War by C. V. Wedgwood and Anthony Grafton

The Complete Ivan Maisky Diaries 

Nick’s excellent book

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