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Challenger says he wins United Auto Workers presidency


An American flag flies in front of the United Auto Workers union logo on the front of the UAW Solidarity House in Detroit, Michigan, September 8, 2011. Rebecca Cook//File Photo

Challenger Shawn Fain has been declared the winner of the race for United Auto Workers president, narrowly leading the current union head Ray Curry, a spokesman for Fain said on Saturday.

Fain’s campaign said he had a lead of 483 votes greater than the number of challenged votes remaining after ballot counting occurred earlier Saturday in a Detroit suburb. Court-appointed monitor Neil Barofsky did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Earlier this week, Fain was leading by 69,386 votes and Curry has 68,881 votes – a difference of 505 votes – but with 600 unresolved challenged ballots. The UAW and Curry did not immediately comment but earlier this month his campaign had filed a protest.

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