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Bulletproof ‘safe rooms’ developed to help in school shootings

(NewsNation) — Bulletproof pullout safe rooms may be the future of U.S. classrooms as school shootings are on the rise around the country.

“Rapid Access Safe Rooms” are designed to stop 99% of handguns in America as well as AK 47s and AR 15s, weapons frequently used in school shootings.

Owner of KT Security Kevin Thomas joined “NewsNation Prime” to discuss the pilot testing of the new product.

“We don’t want schools to have to pay for this and take out of their education budgets. We want this to be something that we get behind, and hopefully there’s a day where we get to in America, where we don’t need this. I would rather not have to have it. But in the meantime, until we get the bigger issues fixed, this is what we could control.”

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