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Born in Ukraine, killed blogger was an outspoken proponent of its destruction – posted at 09:50:06 UTC via – Top Stories

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7:02 AM 4/3/2023


Vladlen Tatarsky, who was killed in an explosion at a cafe in St. Petersburg on Sunday, was one of Russia’s most outspoken and ultranationalist military bloggers, known for his ardent pro-war commentary and occasional criticism of Moscow’s battlefront failures.


The explosion in Russia’s second-largest city of Saint Petersburg killed a prominent pro-Kremlin military blogger and injured 25 others on Sunday evening

The post Russian Detains Suspect in St Petersburg Cafe Bombing first appeared on The Brooklyn Radio – The News And Times.

2287014.jpgВ российском Санкт-Петербурге подорвали известного пропагандиста Владлена Татарского. В результате взрыва он погиб. Кремль уже начал искать виновных. Полный текст новости

An explosion occurred inside a cafe in Saint Petersburg, Russia’s second-largest city, killing well-known military blogger Andrew Strident supporter of the war in Ukraine, according to Russian officials. Andrew was facilitating a conversation at the time.

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Russia blames Ukraine for bomb that killed military blogger  KSWO

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(AP) – Russia’s top counterterrorism body on Monday blamed Ukrainian intelligence agencies for the bombing attack that killed a well-known Russian military blogger who fervently supported Moscow’s war in Ukraine.

Russian officials said Vladlen Tatarsky, 40, was killed Sunday as he was leading a discussion at a cafe on the banks of the Neva River in the historic heart of St. Petersburg. Over 30 people were wounded by the blast, and 10 of them remain in grave condition, according to the authorities.

The National Anti-Terrorist Committee, a state structure that coordinates counterterrorism operations, said that the “terrorist act” against Tatarsky was “planned by Ukrainian special services” with the involvement of people who have cooperated with an anti-corruption foundation created by jailed Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny. It noted that the arrested suspect was an “active supporter” of Navalny’s group.

Shortly before the announcement, Russia’s Investigative Committee, the top state criminal investigation agency, reported the arrest of Darya Tryopova, a 26-year-old St. Petersburg resident suspected of involvement in the attack. Tryopova had been previously detained for taking part in anti-war rallies.

Investigators believe that the bomb was hidden in a bust of the blogger that the suspect had given to him as a gift just before the explosion.

According to Russian media reports, Tryopova told investigators that she was used as a carrier to deliver the explosive device, but didn’t know that it was hidden in the bust.

Witnesses said that the suspect asked questions and exchanged remarks with Tatarsky during the discussion. One witness, said the woman told Tatarsky that she had made a bust of the blogger but that guards asked her to leave it at the door, suspecting it could be a bomb. They joked and laughed, and then she went to the door, grabbed the bust and presented it to Tatarsky.

Russian officials said 40-year-old Vladlen Tatarsky, a well-known military blogger, was killed...

Russian officials said 40-year-old Vladlen Tatarsky, a well-known military blogger, was killed as he was leading a discussion at a cafe in St. Petersburg. Over 30 people were wounded by the blast, and 10 of them remain in grave condition, according to the authorities.(Source: Russia Investigative Committee via CNN)

A video showed Tatarsky making jokes about the bust and putting it on the table next to him just before the explosion.

Russia’s Investigative Committee, the state’s top criminal investigation agency, opened a probe on charges of murder.

No one publicly claimed responsibility, but military bloggers and patriotic commentators immediately blamed Ukraine for the attack and compared the bombing to last August’s assassination of nationalist TV commentator Darya Dugina, who was killed when a remotely controlled explosive device planted in her SUV blew up as she was driving on the outskirts of Moscow.

Russian authorities blamed Ukraine’s military intelligence for Dugina’s death, but Kyiv denied involvement.

Dugina’s father, Alexander Dugin, a nationalist philosopher and political theorist who strongly supports the invasion of Ukraine, hailed Tatarsky as an “immortal” hero who died to save the Russian people.

Reacting to Tatarsky’s death, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said late Sunday his activities “have won him the hatred of the Kyiv regime” and noted that he and other Russian military bloggers have long faced Ukrainian threats.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the Russian millionaire owner of the Wagner Group military contractor spearheading Moscow’s offensive in eastern Ukraine, said he owned the cafe and handed it over to a patriotic group for meetings. He said he doubts the Ukrainian authorities’ involvement in the bombing, saying the attack was likely launched by a “group of radicals” unrelated to the government in Kyiv.

Since the fighting in Ukraine began Feb. 24, 2022, Ukrainian authorities have refrained from claiming responsibility for various fires, explosions and apparent assassinations in Russia. At the same time, officials in Kyiv have jubilantly greeted such events and insisted on Ukraine’s right to launch attacks in Russia.

A top Ukrainian government official cast the explosion that killed Tatarsky as part of internal turmoil.

“Spiders are eating each other in a jar,” Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak wrote in English on Twitter late Sunday. “Question of when domestic terrorism would become an instrument of internal political fight was a matter of time.”

Tatarsky, who had filed regular reports from Ukraine, was the pen name for Maxim Fomin, who had accumulated more than 560,000 followers on his Telegram messaging app channel.

Born in the Donbas, Ukraine’s industrial heartland, Tatarsky worked as a coal miner before starting a furniture business. When he ran into financial difficulties, he robbed a bank and was sentenced to prison. He fled from custody after a Russia-backed separatist rebellion engulfed the Donbas in 2014, weeks after Moscow’s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula. Then he joined separatist rebels and fought on the front line before turning to blogging.

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The explosion in Russia’s second-largest city of Saint Petersburg killed a prominent pro-Kremlin military blogger and injured 25 others on Sunday evening


It is the primary responsibility of a state to protect its population from the threat of landmines and explosive remnants of war (ERW) – United Nations policy.

German Economy Minister in Surprise Visit to Kyiv

posted at 09:44:32 UTC by AFP via KyivPost


German minister reassures Kyiv of Berlin’s commitment to Ukraine’s victory and reconstruction.

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В британской разведке считают, что значительную часть потерь армия РФ терпит не из-за боевых причин, а из-за чрезмерного употребления алкоголя. Россияне продолжают пытаться окружить Авдеевку и Бахмут. Однако свою поставленную задачу по захвату Донецкой и Луганской областей к 31 марта они не выполнили. В СНБО Украины предлагают переименовать Севастополь в “Объект № 6”.
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Разрыв между первыми двумя политическими силами Болгарии минимален, и эксперты сомневаются, что по результатам выборов удастся выйти из политичского кризиса.


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Hosted by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Cyber Initiative and Aspen Digital, Verify 2023 brings together journalists and cyber and tech policy experts to discuss critical issues in cybersecurity. For this live recording of the Lawfare Podcast, Benjamin Wittes sat down at Verify 2023 with Alex Stamos of the Stanford Internet Observatory; Nicole Perlroth, formerly of the New York Times and the author of a recent book on zero days; and Dave Willner, the Head of Trust & Safety at OpenAI, the company that produces ChatGPT. They talked about cybersecurity and AI, the threats to AI algorithms, the threats from AI algorithms, and the threats from humans misusing large language models. 

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Oil Prices Jump After Surprise OPEC Production Cut

posted at 09:47:14 UTC by Stanley Reed via NYT > Business Day
Adding to global economic uncertainties, oil prices rose about 5 percent on Monday after Saudi Arabia and other major producers announced a surprise cut in crude production.

2287024.jpgОбщины сами должны выступить инициаторами перехода из рядов московской церкви в ПЦУ. Решения людей и поддержка со стороны органов местной власти являются ключевыми для реализации мирного и бесконфликтного перехода. Полный текст новости

2287064.jpgАналитики американской газеты The Washington Post и Международного консорциума журналистов провели расследование, в котором говорится, что Путин купил для бывшей учительницы квартиру в Израиле за 245 тысяч долларов. Произошло это не без финансовых связей с олигархом Романом Абрамовичем. Полный текст новости

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