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Goldman Sachs isn’t getting a new private jet, but are there better places to cut costs on Wall Street?

Hi there! Dan DeFrancesco in NYC, and I’m trying to think of what I’d want most in an office after looking at pics of the coolest workspaces in North America. I’d probably go for a private gym and spa or a chef that cooks made-to-order lunches. 

Today, we’ve got stories on Goldman Sachs’ plans for using generative AI, everything you need to know about the deal for SVB, and where to move if you want to stretch your dollar.

But first, I am serious… and don’t call me Shirley.

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1. I’m leaving on an (old) jet plane.

If there is a senior Goldman Sachs’ executive in your life, please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Turns out the bank won’t be getting a new private plane to traverse the globe.

Insider’s Dakin Campbell has the scoop on Goldman nixing plans to buy a third corporate aircraft under CEO David Solomon. 

You might be wondering why a bank not buying a private plane is a relevant story. Well, Goldman’s private planes have been a bit of a lightning rod. 

See, it’s not so much owning the jets — JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley have them as well — as much as it’s how they are used. 

As Dakin has previously reported, Solomon has caught some heat for using the company’s jets for personal use, most notably to fly to DJ gigs. (To be sure, this is allowed as long as executives reimburse Goldman for it.)

So as the bank has looked to cut costs this year more broadly, the private jets, naturally, were a topic of discussion.

Leading us to Dakin’s story about the bank turning down the option to buy a third Gulfstream, which includes details about the decision. (This plane would have ultimately replaced one of the existing two.)

I will say, I think corporate jets have been unfairly labeled as the poster child for excessive spending at the corporate level. Personal use is one thing, but buying a jet to maximize your time while traveling for business seems like a no-brainer. 

Meanwhile, there are plenty of other ways Wall Street wastes money. Corporate suites are perhaps the best example of this. I love sporting events and concerts as much as anybody, but you’d be hard pressed to find a real ROI on any boxes a company owns. 

I know these types of tickets are for entertaining clients, and often of part of a bigger sponsorship package, but how effective are they at actually getting more business in the door? Sure, a one-off game or event to bring a prospect too makes sense. But do you really need season tickets? I’m not sure a Knicks-Pistons game in mid-January is going to be the key to closing that big deal of yours. 

Am I wrong? If you’ve actually landed a client or closed a deal specifically because you brought them to a game or show, let me know! I’d love to hear about it.

Perhaps we can discuss the finer details while sitting courtside. 

Read more about Goldman’s decision to scrap plans for another private jet.

In other news:

photo of Jazmen Jafar posing whilst wearing a cropped top and mini skirtJazmen Jafar quit her job as an attorney less than six months after she joined a law firm.

Jazmen Jafer

2. Inside Goldman Sachs’ AI ambitions. Marco Argenti, Goldman’s CIO, details three use cases the bank is exploring for large language models, the AI behind ChatGPT. This isn’t just for the engineers either, as one example impacts non-tech workers. Here’s how Goldman wants to leverage the tech.

3. Miami’s crypto carpetbaggers. Insider’s Linette Lopez has a look at the city that embraced the 2021 crypto craze with open arms. Two years later, many of the transplants who came hoping to create a hub for digital currencies are long gone. Read more here.

4. So about that SVB deal… Still trying to make heads or tails of First Citizens’ acquisition of SVB? We’ve got a full breakdown of the deal, along with what it means for SVB’s customers and the wider market. Check it out here.

5. Stop me if you’ve heard this before: Regional banks are looking to work with crypto companies. The collapse of Signature Bank and Silvergate Capital, two favorites among the crypto community, has left a gap in the market. Now, regional banks are looking to serve the firms looking for a new banking home, per The Wall Street Journal. What could possibly go wrong?

6. Wine worries. Thinking Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse won’t impact you? If you’re a wine lover, think again. Winemakers are worried about what the future may hold as the bank was a key lender in the industry, the Financial Times reports. Why SVB’s downfall could be the biggest shock to the wine industry since “Sideways.”

7. What’s going on at Charles Schwab? The brokerage saw its stock drop in the wake of SVB’s downfall, eventually leading the firm to release a statement to clear the air and reassure clients, employees, and shareholders. But Bloomberg has a report on losses tied to long-dated bonds and other risks from rising interest rates. Read more here.

8. Drive before you buy. Car dealers are launching trial programs for electronic vehicles in an attempt to lure potential buyers. Here’s how you can give an EV a spin without fully committing.

9. This lawyer-turned-OnlyFans creator made her old annual salary in a single month. Jazmen Jafar, who quit her job as an attorney to go full-time on OnlyFans, has made nearly $200,000 this year. From billable hours to building a brand, here’s how she made the jump. 

10. If inflation has got you (and your money) feeling down, check these spots out. We’ve got the latest rankings from review site Niche on the 15 places in the US with the lowest cost of living. Check them out. But be careful before you move. Remote job options are starting to dwindle. Here’s why you might be forced back into the office. 

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