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The best MagSafe wallets for keeping your cards secure and accessible

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Three different MagSafe wallets for the iPhone on a green graphic background.MagSafe wallets vary widely in shape and function.


  • The best MagSafe wallets can securely attach to your phone and eliminate the need for a bifold wallet.
  • Some MagSafe wallets can hold all your cards plus cash, while other slimmer options are meant for lighter capacities.
  • Apple, Mujjo, and the other trusted brands on this list make wallets that offer first-rate safety and accessibility.

A MagSafe wallet is the ultimate way to simplify the “phone, wallet, keys” check before you leave the house. If you’re going out and don’t want to carry a bag, a MagSafe wallet will allow you to streamline your carry to just a few cards (and maybe even some bills). 

Some of the options on our list include integrated stands or grips to enhance your experience with their wallet and diversify its use. Others are simple and well-made, prioritizing slim designs and sophisticated materials to create a pocket-friendly wallet that can be used every day.

MagSafe wallets will be compatible with any phone in the iPhone 12 series onward. The best MagSafe wallets will not only fit the capacity you need, but also have a strong magnetic connection to keep your cards close. Our list has options for every user — see which MagSafe wallet is right for you.

What to look for in a MagSafe wallet

While there are plenty of individual factors to consider when purchasing a phone wallet, a paramount feature should be the wallet’s magnet strength. An official MagSafe connection will usually guarantee a solid magnetic grip, however the material of your phone case or the amount of cards or cash you put in the wallet will undoubtedly affect the magnet’s effectiveness. 

Some of the wallets on this list are intended for lighter use (for just carrying your credit card and driver’s license, for example), so if you overpack it, your wallet might fall off the back of your phone over the course of the day. If you’re worried about card security, features like RFID protection or a magnetic closure will keep your cards from being skimmed or from falling out of the wallet. 

Overall, you’ll want to compare options based on your intended use. If you plan on only using the MagSafe wallet for a night out, you might opt for a smaller capacity option with RFID protection, but if you’re planning on replacing your entire wallet you might be better off with a folio that has full coverage of your cards and a larger storage capacity.

Apple Leather WalletThe Apple Leather Wallet.


The simple, durable, and high-quality leather wallet from Apple is the smartest MagSafe wallet on our list. The wallet includes integrated Find My support that allows you to track the wallet in the same way that you would track an AirTag, a useful feature that’s only available with Apple and sets it apart from the rest of the market significantly. 

The eight premium leather color options match with Apple’s other leather accessory range, making it easy to match your wallet to an Apple Watch band or phone case. It has a 2-3 card capacity and includes RFID shielding to block unwanted detection by card readers when using Apple Pay.

MOFT MagSafe Wallet StandThe MOFT MagSafe Wallet Stand stuck to the back of a phone.


MOFT’s MagSage Wallet Stand serves as an adaptable accessory to meet various needs in one small, thin package. Available in numerous colors, the vegan leather wallet includes a piece that can be used as a stand or grip as well as slots for three cards and even cash.

The magnet is adaptable to three viewing modes—landscape, portrait, and a “floating” mode that’s specifically intended for use during Zoom or Teams video calls—and is strong enough to hold even a Pro Max iPhone model while in stand mode.

Native Union Clic (Re)Classic WalletThe Native Union Clic (Re)Classic Wallet.

Native Union

Native Union is known for creating products in their signature refined and utilitarian aesthetic, and their MagSafe wallet falls unquestionably within those bounds. In yellow or black plant-based leather (made from Yatay, described by the company to be handcrafted in Italy), the wallet holds up to three cards and feels tactile and luxurious. 

It’s larger than some of the more adaptable wallets on this list — so think twice if you have an iPhone Mini model, since the camera may be obscured — but works just as well as a standalone wallet given its stylish appearance, down to the stitching in a matching hue to the finish of the leather.

Mujjo Full Leather Magnetic WalletThe Mujjo Full Leather Magnetic Wallet attached to a phone and freestanding.


For a stylistically exceptional case with equally impressive quality, look no further than Mujjo’s MagSafe wallet made from vegetable-tanned eco leather and Japanese microfiber. In three simple colors, the wallet is an understated accessory that adds utility without sacrificing design. 

Its contents can be easily accessed due to the angled card slot, notch at the base to push cards out with your thumb, and smooth microfiber interior. Arguably its most notable feature, however, is the hidden spring on the inside that can keep one to three cards firmly secure.

Spigen Rugged Armor MagFitThe Spigen Rugged Armor MagFit.


This wallet provides utility with a minimalist design. Made from hard plastic with detailing made to look like carbon fiber, the Spigen Rugged Armor MagFit is a solution for those looking for a hard-shell wallet rather than a more flexible leather or canvas choice.

While this wallet’s capacity is just two cards, the silicone pads inside the wallet that prevent cards from slipping out make it a decent choice as an essentialist wallet. Its small size also makes it great for Mini models, and will be compatible with any MagSafe compatible phone without making it impossible to fit into a pocket.

Casetify Custom MagSafe WalletThe Casetify Custom MagSafe Wallet.


Few brands offer the level of customization that Casetify boasts in their entire range of products. Their MagSafe wallet, available in six neutral base colors with a variety of fonts to choose from for added text, is no exception, making it a perfect gift in a pinch. Made from 50% eco-friendly materials (including recycled polycarbonate plastic, eco-friendly ink, and recycled packaging), the wallet has a modest 2-card capacity and includes RFID protection.

Not interested in adding text customization? Casetify’s extensive selection of MagSafe wallets includes trendy patterns, bright colors, and varied textures, so you’re likely to find an aesthetic match.

Caseology Nano Pop Magnetic WalletThe Caseology Nano Pop Magnetic Wallet freestanding and also attached to an iPhone.


One of the slimmer options on this list is the Caseology Nano Pop wallet. Perfect for a night out with a two-card capacity, the card slots are made in a contrasting faux leather color for a sporty look. The interior is specifically designed to press cards to avoid slipping without scratching them, and there are notches in the back and base of the wallet for easy access.

PopSockets PopWallet+The PopSockets PopWallet+.


Phone grip lovers will appreciate the MagSafe wallet from PopSocket, featuring the company’s patented stand/grip with the addition of a slot that can fit three cards comfortably with magnetic shielding. The wallet comes with a PopGrip that matches the body of the wallet, however like other PopSocket products you can swap out the PopGrip handle for new designs as you see fit. 

Just note that elastic build makes it a better choice for those who want to carry more cards around with them, as the pressure of the elastic against the cards is what keeps them from slipping out. If you carry just one or two cards, you might be more inclined to choose a wallet that is meant for a smaller capacity.

Case-Mate Pelican Magnetic Wallet and Card HolderThe Case-Mate Pelican Magnetic Wallet and Card Holder on the left open displaying some cash and cards, and on the right attached to the back of an iPhone.


The Case-Mate Pelican is easily the most hardwearing option on our list — making it ideal for backpacking, working outside, or other conditions where you’d rather keep your wallet contents safe and dry. It’s able to carry three cards and cash (in separate compartments), and latches closed for water and dustproofing with an IPX4 water resistance rating. It’s basically a portable safety deposit box — but if you need maximum function and protection, it passes with flying colors (three, specifically — black, desert tan, and army green).

Otterbox Wallet for MagSafeThe OtterBox Wallet for MagSafe.


Otterbox’s pocket-friendly option for a MagSafe wallet comes in a slim, three-card capacity package available in five solid colors. The main draw for this wallet in our estimation is the distinct pockets for card holding, which helps with personal organization. In synthetic leather, the wallet has a good grip and provides magnetic protection for your cards.

Bellroy Mod Case and WalletThe Bellroy Mod Case and Wallet.


The Bellroy Mod Case and Wallet is a combination that seamlessly matches your phone case and MagSafe wallet for a sleek design overall. The leather comes in three shades of blue, black, and a terracotta color, and the wallet can be detached. If you don’t want to see your cards while they’re in your phone wallet, a magnetic trap door keeps them secure and hidden while being easy to access when needed. 

It’s on the pricier side due to the leather build, but the high quality of the case/wallet combo is evident — and for a product that provides a standalone case in addition to the magnetic wallet, it’s worth the price tag.

Peak Design Mobile WalletThe Peak Design Mobile Wallet.


This minimalist envelope-style magnetic wallet holds up to seven cards, making it the highest capacity on our list by a long shot. Available in a slim version as well as a folio stand version, the wallet is designed to function as a kickstand as well as a wallet for daily use. 

Both versions feature a magnetic flap to keep cards from slipping out, and features notches at each of the corners for card access. It also has a high-quality MagSafe connection that will hold your phone reliably in portrait or landscape orientation.

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