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The best iPad cases in 2023: 9 picks for protecting your tablet

iPad cases arranged in a pattern.Protect and enhance your standard iPad with a reliable case.


A case has the potential to upgrade your regular iPad use significantly — converting your tablet into a laptop with a built-in keyboard, a monitor with a stand, or simply a more efficient storage and protection method for your device.

While the picks below are aimed at the 9th and 10th-generation iPads, which are among the best iPads you can buy, many of the cases on this list are available in different sizes to accommodate most generations. Be sure to check the product listing to ensure that you’re looking at the right size case for your iPad.

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What to look for in an iPad case

First and foremost, knowing the model of your iPad will be important in your search for a case. Apple makes many different iPads and they are all different sizes and shapes. While some iPad models are similar in size, a difference of a fraction of an inch can make or break whether a case fits. Newer iPad models tend to have more case options available in all categories, while older models are left with fewer choices.

The best cases for the iPad provide protection against most types of scenarios, from a spilled drink to a drop on the floor. However, some cases are designed to protect more than others.

For example, a folio case that covers the screen when not in use might be great, but you might want to pick up a screen protector to protect from scratches. Keyboard cases come with an attachable keyboard, but don’t offer much in the way of protection. And then there are cases designed for drop protection. For all-in-one protection, you might pick a more rugged case that also offers screen protection.

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