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The 17 best Apple Watch bands in 2023

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Three different Apple Watch straps on a green graphic background.Swapping out your Apple Watch band for something new or a different material can give the wearable added versatility and style.


  • One of the Apple Watch’s best features is the ability to easily swap out the watch band.
  • It’s compatible with everything from rubber sport bands and leather straps to metal links and designer options.
  • Most bands also work on different Apple Watch generations, so you don’t have to buy new bands if you upgrade.

For all the things the Apple Watch gets right, one of its overlooked qualities is its near infinite compatibility with interchangeable bands. Although all new Apple Watches come packaged with one of the brand’s patented straps, there are plenty of options from both Apple itself and a host of third-parties.

Better yet, Apple Watch bands aren’t limited to just a few styles but rather encompass everything from designer offerings to leather and metal options. In other words, one Apple Watch can complement every facet of your personal style. 

Below are 15 of the best Apple Watch bands currently available, including sport and leather straps, as well as selections of metal bands and a few designer picks.  

What to look for in an Apple Watch band

First and foremost, consider what you’ll use the band for. If you frequent the gym, look for a sport band or something made of a durable fluoroelastomer. If you want something a little more classy yet still rugged, leather might be your best option. And for those extra stylish occasions, consider a metal band, or something from a designer like Hermes. 

It’s also important to keep in mind how the band functions and if it’s something you’ll enjoy using. For instance, some people may prefer using a magnetic clasp system since it’s easy to use and accessible to a wider range of people. Others may like using an elastic-style band to easily slip it on or off their wrist.

Lastly, Apple sometimes releases new colorways for many of its Apple Watch bands, the latest of which is the company’s new Spring Collection. These provide a great way to freshen up the look of your Apple Watch, even if you buy a band you already own but in a different color. 

Best Apple Watch sport bands

Apple Sport Band

The Apple Watch Sport Band.


The Apple Sport Band is perhaps the brand’s most popular Apple Watch band, and for good reason. It’s made of a durable yet comfortable fluoroelastomer (aka rubber) that doesn’t irritate your wrist while working out and is even pleasant enough to wear while sleeping. The band is also available in a variety of different colors and comes with both a Small/Medium and Large/Extra Large version to ensure a proper fit.

Apple Sport Loop

The Apple Sport Loop.


If you prefer the feel of a nylon strap as opposed to the rubber Sport Band above, Apple’s Sport Loop is what you need. It features a lightweight, breathable design that works well for runners, cyclists, or just about anyone who keeps active. This one won’t clean as easily as rubber but it does tend to be more comfortable against the skin. 

Nomad Sport Band

The Nomad Sport Band attached to an Apple Watch.


Nomad’s Sport Band is a stylish alternative to Apple’s version that’s also slightly more functional for the avid outdoors person. This is due mainly to how comfortable the band is which is attributed to both the fluoroelastomer material and the fact it features a series of internal venting channels that make it highly breathable. It also has an easy-to-use clasp system that stays snug on your wrist and won’t come undone during intense activity.

LifeProof Eco-Friendly Band

The front and back of the LifeProof Eco-Friendly Band.


Sustainability meets functionality with LifeProof’s Eco-Friendly Band, which is made of 99% ocean plastic yarn. That’s great for the planet, of course, but the band is also a solid all-around sport band that’s comfortable, durable, and available in seven different color options to match anyone’s personal style. It also costs less than $30, which is a hell of a deal. 

Lacoste Apple Watch Strap

The Lacoste Apple Watch Strap.


Lacoste’s aptly named Apple Watch Strap is a bit of style mixed with a bit of function. While it features the iconic Lacoste alligator logo, it’s made of a silicone material that makes it appeal to the active Apple Watch crowd. Be it from the beach to the boardroom, the workout class to the cubicle, or anywhere in between, this watch band is ready for all of it.

Best Apple Watch leather bands

Apple Leather Link

The Apple Leather Link.


It should come as no surprise that Apple’s Leather Link band is among the best leather Apple Watch bands you can buy. Not only does it meet the standard of any of Apple’s other watch bands,  it also features a distinctive yet classy pebbled design. The band comes in a variety of different colorways and is available in either a Small/Medium size or a Large/Extra Large size.

Nomad Modern Band

The Nomad Modern Band.


If you want to save a few bucks on a leather Apple Watch band but don’t want to sacrifice quality, Nomad’s Modern Band is exactly what you need. The band is made of Horween leather and achieves a rugged yet stylish look that fits the overall design of the Apple Watch well. 

Bellroy Leather Watch Strap

The Bellroy Apple Watch Strap.


There are endless leather watch band options and perhaps none look as perfectly fitted to the design of the Apple Watch than the Bellroy Leather Watch Strap. It’s as if Bellroy made a perfect leather rendition of Apple’s Sport Band, right down to the durability, color options, and fit.

Tasikar Leather Band

The Tasikar Leather Band.


If you’re shopping for a leather Apple Watch band and have a limited budget, consider Tasikar’s Leather Band, which is a quality alternative that costs around $15. It has a bit more of a rugged style than some of the other leather bands listed here as it features visible stitching and a classic watch clasp mechanism. But don’t let the price  deter you — this is a premium band without a premium price tag.

Best Apple Watch metal bands

Apple Milanese Loop

The silver Apple Milanese Loop attached to a watch.


If you’re after something a little more classed-up than a leather band, Apple’s metal Milanese Loop is an excellent option. It’s made of stainless steel, is modeled off a classic 19th Century Italian design, and features an intuitive magnetic clasp that allows you to easily dial in the right fit.

Apple Silver Link Bracelet

The Apple Silver Link Bracelet.


What sets Apple’s Silver Link Bracelet apart from the Milanese Loop is that it features a more traditional butterfly clasp system that evokes the style of a standard stainless steel wristwatch. It is slightly spendy at $349 but you won’t find a cleaner, more stylish metal watch band for the Apple Watch than this one. 

Speidel Twist-o-Flex Band

The Spigen Apple Watch Band.


Spigen’s Apple Watch Band is probably the most recognizable metal band in this round-up as it features one of the more classic watch band styles there are. Featuring a linked design and a traditional clasp, this band from Spigen is classy and stylish — and won’t break the bank at $40. 

Case-Mate Linked Band

The Case-Mate Linked Band.


Almost any metal Apple Watch band is going to sport some sort of elevated style but the Linked Band from Case-Mate takes it up a notch with its classy matte rose gold finish. The band also has a linked design along with a butterfly clasp and, better yet, costs just $25. 

Best Apple Watch designer bands

Apple Hermes Rouge Sellier

The Apple Hermes Rouge Sellier.


Apple’s partnership with Hermes produced some stylish watch bands and the Rouge Sellier might be the best of the bunch. The band is made of a durable woven material and it features a unique multi-color design (of which there are seven total variations to choose from). 

Kate Spade Stainless Steel Band

The Kate Spade Stainless Steel Band.


The Kate Spade Stainless Steel Band oozes class as it features clean scallop links adorned with gold accents and some sparkling bedazzles. It’s available in 10 different colors like rose gold, black, and pearl. 

Coach Apple Watch Strap

The Coach Apple Watch Strap.


This chic pick from Coach boasts a metallic mesh design, a foldover clasp, and the understated yet iconic Coach logo badge that sits right below the watch face. It’s only available in a black colorway but that should stop you — this watch band is the epitome of style. 


What Apple Watch band is best? 

This ultimately comes down to how you need the band to function as not all bands are designed to work for every use case. For example, you won’t want to wear a metal band while working out, nor would you want to use a leather band while swimming. 

However, some bands are a bit more versatile than others such as most of the sport bands as they can stand up to a heavy workout but can also function well in an office setting. The term “best” truly comes down to how each individual person needs to use it. 

What’s the difference between Apple’s band and third-party options?  

The biggest difference between Apple’s watch bands and those sold by a third-party is the quality and specific styles of the bands. Apple’s bands sport a unique look and feel that are quite distinguishable from non-Apple products, and they’re often a lot more durable.  

Of course, there are plenty of knock-offs that aim to replicate the look and feel of an Apple band, but the quality tends to be much lower. 

What’s the best Apple Watch band for working out?

A fluoroelastomer, or rubber-style, Apple Watch band will be the best for working out for a number of reasons. Not only are they much easier to clean than something like a woven band, but they manage to avoid looking dirty, too, even if you’ve worn it for a few workouts without cleaning it. They also tend to be more comfortable to wear, especially in warmer weather or during a particularly sweaty workout.

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