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An Indian tour company is launching the ‘world’s longest bus trip’ that travels to 22 countries over 56 days. A ticket costs $24,350.

The bus to London on the roadThe bus that will be used on this 56-day road trip.

Adventures Overland

  • India-based Adventures Overland’s 56-day bus trip from Istanbul to London will depart in early August.
  • Along the way, travelers will pass through 22 countries and nearly 7,460 miles.
  • Half of the seats — each costing $24,350 — are already booked, the company’s founder told Insider.
If you weren’t able to scratch your road trip itch in 2020, now’s your chance.The bus to London on the road

Adventures Overland

Source: Insider

In August, India-based Adventures Overland’s luxury bus will embark on a 56-day road trip across 22 countries and nearly 7,460 miles.Inside the bus to London. The seats are beige and white.

Adventures Overland

According to the travel company, this eight-week journey will be the world’s longest bus trip. And it won’t come cheap: A seat costs a little over $24,350.sofia, bulgariaSofia, Bulgaria


Source: Adventures Overland

The 56-day journey will start in early August in Istanbul.Istanbul, Turkey.Istanbul, Turkey.

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From there, the bus and its passengers will pass through five time zones and cities like Sofia, Bulgaria; Ljubljana, Slovenia; Krakow, Poland; and Copenhagen, Denmark before arriving in London.Copenhagen housingIn 2021, Danish parliament passed a law, sometimes known as the “Blackstone Law,” which prevented new landlords from raising the rents for five years, according to a new report from The Guardian.

Alexander Spatari/Getty Images

Throughout this journey, travelers will get to experience the northern lights in Norway, the Santa Claus Village amusement park in Finland, and a ride on a ferry across the Gulf of Finland.Norway northern lights


To facilitate this long-haul trip, Adventures Overland will deploy a luxury 30-seater bus. Four to five of these seats will be reserved for crew.Inside the bus to London. The seats are beige and white.

Adventures Overland

The seats — organized in a two-by-one configuration — will have typical long-haul bus amenities like USB outlets and folding trays.Inside the bus to London. The seats are beige and white.

Adventures Overland

Yes, there’s also a bathroom. But don’t expect anything too glamorous — it is a bus after all.A bathroom inside the Bus to London

Adventures Overland

And there’s no need to pack light. Each person can bring two suitcases.Inside the bus to London. The seats are beige and white.

Adventures Overland

Besides a seat on the bus, hotels, meals, and snacks will be included in the cost of the trip.bratislava slovakia


If you have a hard time sitting still on a long Greyhound trip, 56 days on the road may seem unbearably long.A person wearing a hat carrying a bag while a Greyhound bus is in the back.A Greyhound bus in Texas in 2021.

Jose Luis Gonzalez/Reuters

But there’s already plenty of interest for this eight-week journey: Half of the seats are sold out, Tushar Agarwal, Adventure Overland’s cofounder, told Insider in an email.Two people standing on a road.

Adventures Overland

He believes the rest will be sold in the coming weeks.Inside the bus to London. The seats are beige and white.

Adventures Overland

For those who enjoy long road trips, bus rides give travelers a road trip feel without the stress of planning and driving.Zagreb


And unlike a world cruise or train trip, these road-based itineraries aren’t limited to port towns or a preset train route.Azamara's 2025 world cruise


The company is no stranger to long road trips. Adventures Overland specializes in long-haul drives from an eight-night “self-drive” through Kyrgyzstan to a 20-day bus ride from India to Singapore.Singapore.Singapore.

Allan Baxter/Getty Images

Source: Adventures Overland

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