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7:08 PM 11/13/2020 – News Review

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China’s New Testing Policy for Travelers Is Problematic, Experts Say
Steve Bannon, Explained – Grit Daily
Elecciones 2020 – Las 5 noticias que debes conocer de la semana | 9 al 13 de Noviembre
Bottom line Crew Dragon Bottom line Goodbye
Brooklyn medicare fraudster released five years early from prison due to debilitating arthritis
Justice Alito Says Opposing Same-Sex Marriage Is ‘Considered Bigotry’ | NBC News NOW
US results: How will this endless election end £ – BBC News
Trump speaks publicly for first time since Biden projected to win US Election, hails developments in race for vaccine – 9News
skynews’s YouTube Videos: BREAKING: Trump says ‘time will tell’ who’s in charge in January
AssociatedPress’s YouTube Videos: Trump: Pfizer misrepresented deal on vaccine
How President-Elect Biden Has Managed Trump’s Refusal to Concede
AP Top Stories 13 P
Fauci says history can lead us forward in the coronavirus pandemic – WTOP
Cruise halted as passengers test positive for COVID-19
“russia and the west” – Google News: Military activity is picking up in the quiet waters between the US and Russia – Business Insider – Business Insider
The small fish Austrian spy who was bigger than anyone imagined –
FBI Reform – “fbi criticism” – Google News: U.S. citizenship test adds more questions, draws criticism –
Parliament’s pandemic rules become an issue in Britain.
New York City schools may close again as Covid-19 cases surge
Alarmed Kosovo Leaders Call For NATO, EU Support Over Serbian President’s Hint At Armed Conflict –

7:08 PM 11/13/2020News Review In 25 Headlines 

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